Nabi (Sal lal laahu alay hi wa sal lam) has said: “There are two favours (of Allah Ta’aala) that many a man is unmindful of. They are”

  • sound health
  • free/leisure time (Tirmizi)

Allah Ta’aala has granted man the invaluable capital of his life in the form of time, so that he may invest it in a profitable business venture. If he invests this capital of life sensibly in good works, there will be no limit to the profitable returns, but if he invests it unwisely and whiles away this time in frivolous and futile activities, then let alone attracting profitable returns, he will even lose his capital and in addition, he will incur the dreadful scourge of committing numerous sins.

It is that time of the year once again when many will eagerly pack their bags and head for the holidays, amidst great joy and excitement. The season :festive.The reason :holidays.

Let us take a glance into what a holiday really means to a disbeliever. It is that time when he throws out the shackles of his normal routine and tries to convince himself that he is free to do as he pleases and enjoy himself.This is equal to a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation of his mind and body so that he can return with greater vigour to his normal routine once again.The ingredients of a holiday will therefore be , no time specifications,no uniforms,no restrictions,and no limits whatsoever.This is what he interprets as his “break” or holiday.

After a little thought, we can realize that all it would take to mar the rest of a life or lives in this “holiday period” is a seemingly small error. How many a family have returned from a holidays in grief after losing a member. How many a family,after a holiday, returns in heavy financial debt due to unbridled spending.How many a husband and wife return from a holiday and discover that this “happy “event was the recipe “A marriage on the rocks” as it gave rise to an illicit affair.Ironically,a journey that is expected to bring joy and happiness,results in a source of sorrow and depression.

For a Muslim,a holiday means a period of time which can be affordably freed from normal working hours.Thus a Muslim would take advantage of this free time by substituting his working time with various types of Ibaadah which in normal times he would not be able to do.To indulge in other types of good deeds which also could not be done in his normal working hours would also be his focus.That which Allah Ta’aala has ordained upon us in our day- to- day lives will remain as part and parcel of our holidays e.g. salaah etc, whilst nafl actions will now feature in these days more prominently than ever before.


  • Memorize new chapters of the Quraan Shareef.
  • Visit family and friends thereby strengthening family bonds.
  • Enrolling for courses that will enhance your knowledge of Deen.
  • Sitting in the company of the pious.
  • Spending time in the path of Allah Ta’aala.(Jamaat Activity)
  • Learn new skills which are commended by shariah e.g., swimming and horse riding.
  • Do the renovations ,repairs to your home ,vehicle etc.(Taking care of your possessions that Allah Ta’aala has endowed you with is also worthy of reward.

Remember : “Your life comprises a few breaths that can be counted,when one of them is exhaled,a part of your life has diminished.”

May Allah Ta’aala grant us the tawfeeq of transforming our holidays into holy days.Aameen

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