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Increase your Value

By Naadira Chhipa
That Gucci handbag you insisted on purchasing just so you can show it off at the latest family function.You saved all month for it yet your rent is still outstanding.Did it increase your Value?

That elegant designer Abaaya with real sarovsky crystals,the one you had to have for your cousins wedding,which cost more than your monthly groceries.Your husband swiped his credit card for that yet he is still trying to budget for family medical aid.Did it increase your value?

The diamond braclet your best friend received from her husband for her birthday is gorgeous and you mention it to your husband a thousand times as your birthday is around the corner.You know he is in between jobs yet he borrows money from his brother just to gift you a silver chain.Did it increase your value?

The fancy car that you always dreamt of owning is just a loan away although the interest rate is sky high you sign the papers and drive off to show it off to your friends.The next week you had to ask your father for money just for fuel as you were broke.Did it increase value?

That sea facing mansion you just furnished is beautiful and your colleagues are impressed .The interior is as stunning as a house featured on Top Billing yet just a half hour drive away your elderly parents have to travel by public transport to get to a government hospital just to collect their monthly medication.Did it increase your Value?

The M.A.C make up you purchased,the Guess jeans and the Versace top including those Jimmy choo shoes came with a huge price tag yet it is your sisters birthday and you have to look outstanding irrespective of the cheap oh so heavenly perfume you got her as a gift.Did it increase your Value?

The new puma shoes you purchased for your one year old son which your husband reluctantly bought was worn just twice and thrown away into the cupboard.Did it increase his value?

The glamorous wedding you planned for your daughter it had to be the talk of the town for months and definitely bigger than your niece’s wedding so you pay a fortune for the exclusive decor and exquisite catering yet the marriage lasted just three months.Did it increase her Value?

The white Kafan your relatives purchased with tears in their eyes as they wrapped it around your lifeless body.Who did it impress?who was envious of it?who complimented you on it?who wished it was theirs?which designer label was it?which store did you purchase it from?how expensive was it?Yet YOU will be covered in it for your final journey to your final destination and that is the only piece of material your body is eternally wrapped in …Did it increase your Value?

Materialism has become the order of the day as people try to compete,impress and outdo one another with money,clothes,shoes,jewellery,cars,holiday houses and so much more.Even children are not spared from this vicious competition.Why do our hearts not change as we witness mayyits of our own family and friends leaving this world with Nothing not even their best sarovsky embellished abaaya or kurta nor that sharqiya or hanayen dupatta.We came into this world with Nothing and we leave accompanied only by our dedication to daily Salaah,our continuous recitation of Quraan,the remembrance of Allah and the beauty of our good deeds.That increases your Value in this world and the hereafter…

Let us increase our value in this world by being kind,caring,generous,considerate,honest, loving and positive as this will increase our value more than wealth ever could.

May Allah give us the hidaaya to recognise true value and purpose of our existence before he calls us back to him.Ameen.

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