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Piety beyond Ramadan


There are grand celebrations going on in the Shayāteen camps. Ramadhān is over and not only are the Shayāteen free from the chains, they have actually managed to tempt insān into explicitly disobeying the commands of Allāh. Consequently drastic changes are witnessed in the behaviour of the Muslims.

The Masājid have become empty while the Malls are full to the brim.

The Qur’ān recitations have stopped while the TVs have been switched on and watching of the movies and listening to the music has restarted in full swing.

The gatherings of the Qur’ān Tafseer (commentaries), Dars (lessons) and Bayāns (Islamic lectures) in the Masājid have stopped and the mixed gathering, parties and un-Islamic celebrations have resurfaced.

The glances that had been lowered have risen up again and we have started to watch what is declared as ‘harām’ in the Shariah.

Thawbs (kānzus or jubas), burkās, hijābs, niqābs, topis (caps) and turbans have been re-deposited into the wardrobes while jeans, tee-shirts, tight skirts and blouses, sarees and other un-Islamic clothes have re-emerged from the wardrobes.

Faces that had started to grow beard, the Mubarak Sunnat of Nabi-e-Kareem Muhammad (Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam), have now started to emit the odours of the aftershaves.

The consumption of dates and other halāl foods have been replaced by consumption of harām and doubtful foods and drinks.

The tongues have lost their restrain and people have now restarted to indulge in the vices of lying, gossiping, backbiting, slandering, quarrelling etc.

In short, our piety level has come down crashing and we have started going against the commands of our Benefactor, Allāh Rabbul ‘Izzat.

What is described above is just the tip of the iceberg. The situation is much worse than meets the eye. These drastic changes have taken place since the Holy month of Ramadhān has bidden us farewell.

It’s just like a person who has painted his house for a certain occasion and as soon as that occasion is over he voluntarily goes and brings a lorry load of filth to splash it all over his house and bring it back to its original state (or even worse).

Shayāteen are not only to blame for these deplorable changes in our daily lives. They can only act if they are given leeway.  We have to be strong in resisting their manipulations and also in not giving in to our Nafs(inner self).

Allah has created some fruits and flowers that are seen in certain seasons only and we call them seasonal fruits or flowers. However, He has not made us ‘Seasonal Muslims’, limited to attaining piety during the period of Ramadhān only. And neither are we ‘Fractional Muslims’ meaning leading a life of ‘real Muslims’ for one-twelfth of the year and becoming ‘Muslims by name only’ for the rest of the eleven-twelfths of the year.  We are complete 24/7 – 30/12 Muslims for all seasons, for all months and for all times. It is only that Allah with His infinite Mercy has provided us this month of Ramadhān to elevate our status. Ramadhān is actually a kind of training ground for us so that we get trained to be proper Muslims for the rest of the year.

Let us lead our life in accordance with our Creator’s choice all the year round in this world, so that He grants us the liberty to lead a life of our own choice in the next.

Allāh ta’āla knows best.

By: Haqqseeker


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