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The S M Jhavary Primary School in Clare Estate recently hosted its sports day for their grade R learners. Our PROJECT H.E.L.P. relief team thought it would be a great idea to add some extra joy to the event.


Alhumdulillah, on Saturday 19th August 2017, the team provided over 100 fresh burgers and cool drinks to the learners, parents, and staff.

In addition to this, the PROJECT H.E.L.P. team in its struggle to prevent malnutrition at schools, which affects learners academic performance, have initiated a weekly feeding scheme at this school and have begun feeding a freshly prepared hot meal to over 150 of the school’s underprivileged learners every Thursday.


Most of the learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds and reside in informal settlements in the area.

May Allah Ta’ala use our humble efforts as a means of attracting them towards Imaan and Islam. May He accept the contributions of our donors and the efforts of all involved, Aameen.


For donations towards future PROJECT H.E.L.P. local outreach efforts, kindly deposit funds into:

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

FNB Umgeni Junction (200913)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828

Reference: Project HELP/Name

Lillah or Sadaqah ONLY.



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