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SAHUC: Registration for Hajj 1434 to close on 2 January 2013

Cii News | 13 December 2012

The South African Hajj and Umrah Council(SAHUC) has announced that all unaccredited applicants from the last Hajj season will be automatically transferred to its 1434H (2013) registry.

According to official SAHUC figures, the total amount of applications for the current season already stands at approximately 12 000 .

In order to streamline the selection process in the coming months, the National General Council of the organisation have decided to conclude registration for Hajj 1434 at the close of business on the 2nd January 2013.

SAHUC Secretary General Shaheen Essop expressed satisfaction that adequate applications had been received to meet a concessionary quota should it be granted for Hajj 1434H (2013). “We pray that ALLAH (SWT) answers all our duas for a significant concessionary quota insha ALLAH.”

He further indicated that applications would remain open for Hajj 1435H, 1436H, 1437H`and beyond.

Previous attempts by South African role-players in requesting an increase in South Africa’s Hajj quota have failed to yield any meaningful outcomes, with Saudi authorities arguing that an increased pilgrim count would place a strain on the capacity and accommodation infrastructure of the Holy Sites.

Prospective Hujaaj can register online on sahuchajjregistry.org.

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