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Sisi, Israel’s Rented Dictator and the grand plan to subjugate Gaza

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 17 July 2014/19 Ramadan 1435

Notwithstanding Cairo’s attempt to mediate for PR reasons – rather than peace – it was doomed to fail because it was one-sided and unfair, observes the Afro Middle East Centre (Amec). Not only are the El-Sisi administration’s quest to destroy Hamas and close proximity to Tel Aviv well-known, but it also lacks legitimacy. None of that deterred Hamas from welcoming Cairo’s ceasefire bid also aimed to stop the back-to-back Ramadan massacres in Gaza.

“Hamas’s position is that they would welcome any attempt at ceasefire. They know that the Egyptian government is out to destroy them, but were willing to give it a hearing,” says Amec director Naeem Jeenah. But things fell apart when Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s envoys presented a fait accompli deal to Hamas, or fellow Palestinian resistance movements, without getting their input or consulting them first about the terms of agreement.

“The whole thing was one-sided. Egypt discussed with Israel before working on an unfair and biased deal, the next thing it presented it as fait accompli to Gaza. No self-respecting organisation would have accepted an unfair and one-sided plan like that,” says Jeenah.

Whereas Israel should be shamed for its onslaught and decades-long subjugation – powered by ethnic cleansing and collective punishment – Gaza resistance establishment’s refusal of the Cairo-brokered faulty deal has led to what Tel Aviv wanted. To depict to outsiders, consumers of Washington agenda via mainstream media, Gaza’s response casts Hamas as anything but a peaceful outlet. The United States, which predictably lauded the ceasefire sham, is also blasting Hamas. For some context, Hamas was democratically-elected to govern Palestine before the West neatly conspired to unseat it. All of these distract Palestinians from the bigger picture: freedom and self-determination.

Curiously, just days before El-Sisi raised his hand, Qatar and Turkey’s offer to mediate were turned down by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, notes Jeenah. Washington, Israel’s acolytes, now blaming the Palestinians for supposed intransigence, went mute.

“Unlike Egypt, Qatar and Turkey aren’t out to destroy Hamas. However, when they offered to mediate Netanyahu said ‘no’,” says Jeenah. The two states are not antagonistic to either Palestine or Tel Aviv. That partly suggests that Israel – which insists on playing and referring, albeit by proxy, at the same time – wants a predetermined outcome. “Israel is only going accept what works in its favour. They want to call the shots, whatever cost. Look, Israel has broken the 2012 ceasefire more than 100 times and so it’s obviously not compliant. Firstly, Hamas wants the 2012 ceasefire to be respected. That also means lifting the seige on Gaza and releasing the re-arrested Palestinians.”

Not only does the siege have a bearing on food security, but it restricts movement in Gaza, Jeenah adds. The ANC agrees. In fact, according to the party, Gaza, where hundreds of civilian lives have been lost since July 8, is “the world’s largest open air prison with over 1.5 million Palestinians caged in and cut off from the rest of the world.”

The ANC’s Jessie Duarte described the bombing of Gaza and West Bank as “very much part of a culture of hate and paranoia that the occupation has engendered. The recent turn of events are shaped by Israeli interests threatened by the recent consolidation of Palestinian unity.” The question is why. “(The) deadly Israeli ground incursion on Gaza in 2000 was actually a war of conquest driven by the intention on the party of the ruling elite in Israel to access and control Gaza`s offshore gas fields. Israel`s own media uncovered in 2006-7 a plot to have Palestinian gas transmitted to Israel via undersea pipelines and thus transfer control over the sale of Palestinian gas to Israel,” Duarte writes.

Writing in the Times of Israel, David Horovitz admits that “(since) people are dying in Gaza and, as of this writing, nobody has been killed in Israel, plainly Israel’s response is an aggressive overreaction”. But – ignoring the Zionist-inspired collective punishment and subjugation, and Netanyahu’s stance that denies Palestinians exists first of all – Horovitz turns around and blames the massacres on Hamas’ hostility to the very fact of Israel’s existence.

For Jeenah, the raison d’etre is Zionism. It’s hard to argue. The reality is that Israel, which has somehow played Fatah and Hamas against each for years, and now possibly rented Egypt, cannot stomach the fledging Palestine’s unity government. That is the bottom line. Obviously, united, Palestinians can advance their struggle for freedom.

al-Sisi’s TV slaves celebrate genocide in Gaza

…by  Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor


“Al-Sisi’s a Jew, Egypt is Israeli-Occupied Territory.”

That was my original headline for last September’s exposé of Mossad sleeper agent Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who now rules over Israeli-occupied Egypt. Al-Sisi has been dubbed “a national hero for all Jews” by the State of Israel.

My article went mega-viral, and helped make the issue of al-Sisi’s hidden Jewish past an ever-escalating scandal in Egypt. The Zionist lobby went bananas. Complaints were lodged to the VT editors…by the usual suspects, needless to say. And believe it or not, somebody at VT removed my tight, explosive headline and replaced it with the horrendously lame simulacrum:

Jewish Al-Sisi Runs Egypt; Now an Israeli-Occupied Territory

I hope that made the Zionists happy.

So now I’m back with another offensive anti-Sisi headline.

Today’s story concerns al-Sisi’s Zionist media propaganda machine. Most of  Egypt’s media is owned by rich Zionists, just like here.

These are the folks who laid the groundwork for the coup d’état against Egypt’s first-ever democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, by endlessly comparing him to Hitler. (Which sort of tipped their hand, didn’t it?)

Now Egypt’s Zionist-deep-state media – the al-Sisi propaganda apparatus – is cheering Israel’s genocide in Gaza. An RT-Arabic story has exposed al-Sisi’s pancake-makeup TV slave Hayat El Dardiry, who is being praised to the skies in Israeli media. Why? El Dardiry is begging al-Sisi to “have Egypt help Israel annihilate Hamas.”

An Israeli encomium to El Dardiry quotes El Sisi’s plastic-faced propaganda slave as expressing sympathy for the suffering of the people of Israel during their genocide against Gaza. She also lavished hatred on Hamas for its aid to the Egyptian revolution, including its helping free tortured political prisoners.

El Dardiry’s boss at the pro-al-Sisi Al-Faraeen channel, Tawfiq Okasha, went even farther, proclaiming that Egyptians are ready to send aid to Israel to help it destroy Hamas.

Since lifelong Zionist sleeper agent al-Sisi crucified democracy in Egypt, the border to Gaza has been completely shut down and the smuggling tunnels – which kept Gazans alive – have been destroyed. Al-Sisi and his propaganda brigade are just as guilty of genocide against Palestine as Netanyahu.

The penalty for complicity in genocide is death…same as the penalty for treason.

Egypt’s Gaza performance has eerie echoes of Mubarak era


There are seven points of entry in Gaza. All but one is under the control of Israel, an oppressive regime whose grand PR scheme is slowly crumbling as the world – notably ordinary people in Europe and the United States – are starting to see the subjugation agenda. Much as Washington’s role in maintaining the status quo of subjugation and Zionism is no secret, one school of thought is that the neighbouring Egypt is no less complicit.

The seventh point of entry, Rafah, which connects Gaza to Egypt, was sealed under the protracted Hosni Mubarak dictatorship. After the fall of Washington-backed Mubarak, in the heat of the Arab Spring, Middle East dictatorships – Egypt elected Mohamed Morsi in 2012. But the democratic rule was short-lived, with Morsi inexplicably ousted.

“Rafah, under Mubarak, was basically sealed to the Palestinians except for cooperation they had with people in north Sinai who had been living under extremely harsh conditions being denied development. (This was done) to please the Israelis,” says Prof Nidal Sakr, March for Justice chairperson and anti-coup regime activist. “Basically, people of north Sinai had no choice but to try to do trade with Palestine, with Gaza. They resorted to dig the tunnels, which was very costly but at the same time that was their main livelihood. Through these tunnels many of the basic necessities went to Gaza as well as ammunition and some military hardware and so forth.”

From this perspective, the ousting of Mubarak, a friend of both Tel Aviv and Washington, had ramifications not just for long-suffering Egyptians but also people of Gaza, pretty much been an open air prison for the past decade. Indeed, there was a flicker of hope after the election of Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi.

“Morsi did not have much control over the military or the intelligence that controlled the borders. He had too much on his plate to (solve the Rafah border) situation.  Nonetheless he, at least, tried to stop the situation from getting worse for the Palestinians. During that time Palestinians were able to get in some of the badly needed supplies [including food] and resources and they were able to utilize much of the material that went to develop the new arsenal that we’re seeing today,” Sakr told Cii’s Sabahul Khair, adding that while Morsi didn’t resolve the matter fully the Abdel Fattah El-Sisi coup regime made the “blockade and siege on Gaza worse than ever before”.

However, this is hardly surprising given that El-Sisi, to borrow from the March for Justice leader’s analogy, is “very much the servant of the Israelis” happy to play whatever role Tel Aviv chooses for him to “finish off the resistance in Palestine”.

Recalling his visit to the besieged Gaza, the activist professor told Cii listeners of the blockade-induced plight of the Palestinians. “I remember that it was very hard even to find basic food supplies… for the people of Gaza,” he said. “We received so many calls all the time ever since that the situation is worsening so much in Gaza as we’re having, not only the siege and the blockade and (impact of closure by) El-Sisi and the military regime, but also Israel cutting off supplies of fuel and oil and other material that was needed to generate electricity.”

Turning to the latest round of Israeli assault, that has killed hundreds, injured thousands and led to the destruction of property in Gaza in 10 days (before Cairo volunteered to mediate), Sakr apportioned part of the blame on El-Sisi and Middle East governments for backing Netanyahu. Arab League members worry the continued existence of Hamas could end up galvanising oppressed peoples to resist dictatorship at home. Indeed, it is Hamas that won the majority vote but before long the West-sponsored establishment conspired to unseat it. Middle East governments are possibly worried that, like Palestinians who chose a resistance movement, their autocracies could be defeated.

“We’re seeing, also, the coordination between El-Sisi and Netanyahu,” the professor said, stressing that Egypt’s role extends beyond Rafah and thus the unlikely intersection between Arab dictatorship and Zionism. “I do not see Israel as being any more dangerous than the Arab League that is trying to protect and serve the State of Israel.”

Why do the Egyptian people tolerate this tyrant? Where are the brave Egyptians who will rise up and ensure that the democracy-murdering maniac al-Sisi goes the way of his fellow traitor, Anwar Sadat?

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