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Solution to Difficulties lies in following the Sunnah

Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqaar Saheb Naqshbandi mentioned that once a lady from Faisalabad visited him. His wife conveyed to him that this lady is greatly troubled and has been crying since she came, therefore listen to her problems and help her with some advice. The lady sat behind a curtain and informed Moulana of her problem. She said that her husband was a wealthy mill owner. Theywere married for eight years but have had no children which both she and her husband have accepted as the will of Allah Ta’ala and despite that they are happy with each other having a good relationship. Not having children is not a problem. All the expenses of the house the husband fulfils paying for food, furniture and the salaries of the servants in the home, i.e. the cook, the security guard, the gardener, the drivers. However, for her personal needs her husband gives her only 50 thousand rupees monthly with which she is unable to fulfill her needs, saying this she began crying and sobbing bitterly.

Hazrat Moulana said to her that her problems will not end even if her husband gives her an allowance of a 100 thousand rupees or even 200 thousand rupees. Nay, her problems will not end even if he gives her 500 thousand rupees per month. She found this very strange and said, “I do not understand. Please explain to me what you mean, Peer Saheb”. Hazrat Moulana explained that her problems would never be solved by asking for an increase in her monthly allowance. She said that she most definitely wants her problems to end so if he could kindly provide her with a solution. Moulana told her that if she was sincere in her desire then she should adopt the Shariah in her life and most importantly leave off all sins. Presently, he explained that she has displeased Allah by adopting a life of sin so therefore, for the future she should adopt the Sunnah in her life and endeavour to please her Creator. By means of this she will notice barakah and blessings and the difficulties and troubles that she is presently encountering will automatically dissipate. Moulana said that Allah Ta’aala put barakah in his words and she left saying, “I sincerely repent and will make a concerted effort to change my life”.

All praise is due to Allah that after 3 or 4 months she telephoned Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqaar Saheb and informed him that she started reading her Salaah with punctuality and regularity. She has adopted the Burqa and has removed the T.V. from the home and she has actually adopted the life of a ‘Moulana’. The amazing thing is that is that all her expenses are now fulfilled from 15 thousand rupees of the 50 thousand rupees that her husband gives her. The remaining 35 thousand rupees she spends in charity.

Jamiat’s comment: Barkah is not in having a lot but it is in a little going a long way. This is understood from the above incident and it comes with practice upon the Deen, abstention from sins and adopting the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi Kareem Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam.

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