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The Island Called Dunya


There was once a big ship that landed on an Island. The Captain said to the people: “Dear passengers, we will anchor here for u to gather provision & admire the beauty & we shall move on with our journey in a few hours time.”

All the passengers got off to roam around the island & made groups of their own. The ‘wise’ group walked peacefully, collected just enough souvenirs & food for the journey & returned quickly to the ship. Since they were the first ones back, they got the best & comfortable places on the ship.

The second group of ‘Forgetful’ people walked, played & enjoyed their time. They admired the island & almost lost themselves in its beauty. But then they remembered the ship & ran back, without any food & souvenirs. Coming on board, they were tired, & all the best seats were taken, so they had to do with the less comfortable ones.

The third group of ‘Greedy & Lustful’ people got amazed by the wonders of this island. They couldn’t get enough of the island’s enchanting beauty filling up their pockets & bags with as much dazzling stones , jewellery & ornaments. They were so busy collecting that they almost never heard the call of the captain & hurriedly headed back to the ship, carrying plants, stones & jewelry of all colours & value. However, the heaviness of the treasure they eagerly wanted to bring back slowed their return, & by the time they reached the shore, the ship had already left.

Aиϑ finally, the ‘Aimless & Narrow-Minded’ group, convinced themselves that the island was all there is & the ship was just something they had imagined. They thus explored the island & built for themselves houses to live in. The ship, of course left them & they perished on the island in a pitiful state eaten up by the wild animals that roamed at night .

Similarly, on our journey to اللّه Subhana Ta’ala , we have landed on this island, called the World (Dunya).

The ‘Wise’ group will walk around & collect good deeds, love & knowledge of Allah. Foremost in their mind will be the remembrance of the Captain calling them back anytime & thus they will spend their time wisely keeping the end in mind. They of course will be handed Paradise
( Jannah), the best of it!

The second group of ‘Forgetful’ people will get distracted by the ‘island'(Dunya) until their last moment. They will then repent at the last minute. Perhaps they will make it & get the lowest levels of Paradise.

The third group of ‘Greedy & Lustful’ people will be amazed by the world, & get attracted by its temporary & fake beauty. They will indulge in desire & food & be dazzled by it. Perhaps, a call will bring them back to realization, but alas, the attraction will be too much to leave behind & they will miss the ship of salvation.

Aиϑ finally, the ‘Aimless & Narrow- Minded’ people will just ignore the journey to اللّه Subhana Ta’ala & pretend that this world is all there is. They will take their houses as their final homes & their desires as god. Indeed history has seen many people as such, but no one remembers them. They have been left in hell.

So, my fellow traveller… let’s not forget: don’t get dazzled & side-tracked by this island of Dunya. Let’s travel light & not be weighed down by all the attachments to things & people. Our ship is leaving very soon,& our Creator اللّه Subhana Ta’ala is calling us:
“O man! Surely you must strive to your Lord, a hard striving, until you meet Him.” (84:6)

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