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The Muslim holiday bucket list


Ebrahim Moosa – Cii Radio | 18 December 2013/14 Safar 1435

In the Shariah there is no concept of a ‘holiday’ as such, a recent episode of Cii Radio’s Ulama In Focus heard.

Sheikh Mukhtar Raban, a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah Al Munawwarah and lecturer at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth told the show that Allah SWT had created human beings with a very specific purpose and afforded them a limited time period wherein to achieve that goal.

“Whilst spending this time, we have to take full cognisance of the Amanah(trust) of this period, because this period will determine our outcome and future in the Aakhirah,” Raban explained.

“When we talk about holidays from a Western globalised perspective,” he said, “we understand that there needs to be a break, a holiday in which we just let go of everything, and with this notion of letting go, we generally start becoming a bit naughty and doing evil deeds.”

Contrasting these two outlooks, Raban argued that all worldly ‘holidays’ should be viewed through the prism of the limited time endowed by Allah SWT to human beings, and that this understanding should regulate our behaviors.

He emphasised the value Islam attaches to time, citing the Hadith of the Prophet SAW that good health and free time were two blessings that a vast majority of people took for granted.

Raban suggested that Muslims afforded the liberty of ‘holidays’ in the Western world should view the recess as a period ripe with opportunity.

“Adopt the approach we have to Ramadan: We acknowledge that it is a limited time, so we try our utmost to accomplish a lot in this limited time.”

He said the Sahaba and pious predecessors always planned and prioritised which activities needed to be done whenever some period of time was presented to them.

The following is Raban’s ‘Bucket List’ for Muslims during the Holiday Season:

*Ask yourself: How can I become a better Muslim during this period

We have all been performing Salaah throughout the year, but perhaps it was always hurried or lacking proper concentration. With the additional time on our hands, we need not rush any longer. Spend more time in the Masjid.  Make extra Tilawah. Read Nafl Salaah

*Improve your Islamic knowledge

With more time on on our hands, read good and beneficial Islamic material to increase our knowledge and get closer to Allah SWT.

*Strengthen family ties

With ample opportunity available for socialising, make use of these to get closer to our loved ones. Improve our bonds with spouses, parents, children and extended family and remember, above all, its Ibaadah


LISTEN to the full discussion on holidays HERE

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