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The Reopening of the Hagia Sophia Masjid, Turkey



The Jamiatul Ulama KZN, South Africa wishes to extend its congratulations and support to the Turkish government for restoring Hagia Sophia to its most honoured position as the House of Allah. It is indeed a grand and celebratory moment for Muslims around the world to witness this event in our lifetimes.


We can well imagine the jubilation of the Turkish populace who have the privilege once more, of stepping into the Hagia Sophia, not as visitors to a museum, but rather in response to call of the Azaan and to the honour of bowing and prostrating themselves before Allah, Most High.


The Turkish nation has indeed been a source of pride for the Ummah in this time where true Islamic leadership is the rarest of treasures. We have witnessed, time and again, the revival of the Islamic spirit of brotherhood from the Turkish nation in its support for Palestine, its support for the exiled Rohingyan community, and in its support for the millions of displaced Syrians who have found a home within Turkey to mention but a few examples.


It is our fervent Dua that Allah Ta’ala protects the Honourable Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, preserves his leadership and guides him to those decisions in which lies the benefit of Islam and the Ummah. May Allah Ta’ala shower His Mercy and Blessings upon Turkey and its people and take them from strength to strength, Ameen.

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