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Tranquility and peace

The length of your life has already been decided upon, for everything takes place according to preordainment and decree. So there is no need to feel anxious in that regard.

The decision of how much sustenance any one of us receives is with Allah alone: no one else owns that sustenance or has the power to take it from you.

The past is gone and has taken with it its woes and miseries. It cannot return even if the whole of mankind worked as one unit to bring it back.

The future is from the unseen world and has not yet arrived. It brings with it matters, showing no regard to your permission or feelings, so do not call it forth until it actually arrives.

Doing good to others brings happiness to both the heart and the soul. A good deed provides greater benefits to the benefactor – in terms of blessings and recompense and peace – than it does to the receiver.

Among the noble qualities of the believer is that he doesn’t concern himself with spurious criticism. No one has been saved from curses and criticism, not even Allah, the Lord of all that exists, who is perfect and exalted.

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