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World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero


The first day of December each year is commemorated as World AIDS Day with the purpose to mobilise energies, skills and resources to combat HIV and AIDS as well as to increase awareness of the disease. It is also an occasion to remember and express solidarity with those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

One out of every 3 HIV infections in young women is in South Africa
South Africa is home to the largest population of people living with HIV and AIDS in the world with approximately 6.2 million.

One out of every six people with HIV lives in South Africa.

What can YOU do?
• EDUCATE YOURSELF – Accurate information about HIV/AIDS will help to control the spread of the disease in our communities. Allah says in the Noble Qur’an, “Say: Can those who know and those who do not know be deemed equal?” (39:9)

• DISPLAY COMPASSION – There are many Muslims who are affected by HIV/AIDS. These are someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister: they are part of the community. Allah says in the Noble Qur’an, “…despair not of the mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is oft-forgiving, most merciful.” (39:53)

BECOME AN INSTRUMENT OF POSITIVE CHANGE – We need to become bold advocates of abstinence and equally bold critics of the rampant promiscuity.

• SHOW THAT YOU CARE – We need to display compassion towards members of our communities that are infected, we need to care for those family members affected by the HIV/AIDS, and we need to lend support to the innocent children and others who have become vulnerable because of circumstances. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “Those who are kind and considerate to Allah’s creatures, Allah bestows His kindness and affection on them. Show kindness to the creatures on the earth so that Allah may be kind to you.” (Abu Dawud)

As long as the issue of morality and sexual-depravity is not solved, and mankind does not resort back to the simple natural Islamic way, HIV/AIDS will continuously be a thorn in the foot of mankind.

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