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10 Steps on How to Cross the Ocean of Dunya without Drowning



 I think sometimes Allah takes away what is most precious to us in order to train us…and to teach us the most important lesson of our lives:

That it is He alone that we actually need.

Q:How can we ‘Hold in your hands—not your heart’: the love of husband, especially for newly wed, kids, parents, relatives, etc.? Are there any practical steps we can take to keeps on the right track and way from hurting ourselves in this dunya??

A: Don’t put your dependence on any of those things. Don’t put your hope in any of those things. Don’t let your happiness or sadness by *defined* by those things. Sure they will make you happy and sad sometimes, but don’t let them define your happiness and sadness. Don’t let your life revolve around any of those things. Only let your life revolve around Allah. And realize that all of those things are temporary and imperfect by their very nature. Only Allah is not temporary. Only Allah is perfect. Increase your focus on Allah through increased thikr (salah, quran, duaa, athkar) and it will automatically decrease your focus on dunya.

Know Allah, your goal

– Wa ma qadur Allah haqqa qadreehee

– He is the only True Reality by which everything else exists

– He is the End, the goal

– You MUST keep your focus on the goal if you are to be successful. If you’re in a race, you can’t win if you lost sight of the finish line. If you’re on a journey, you can’t arrive if you’ve forgotten where home is.

2. Know your purpose with relation to Allah, your goal

– Wa ma khalaqatul jinni wal insee illa liyaabudoon

– # 1 defines your End #2 defines your purpose. You MUST keep this in mind always if you are to be successful.

3. Know this life (just a path—not the destination):

A. Temporary:

“Be in this life like a stranger or wayfarer” “what have I to do with this life…”
Remember that you were not born to live. You were born to die. Death: It’s easy when you’re young to think that you will never die.
Die before your death:

– Hold yourself accountable before you’re held accountable

– Detachment

B. Imperfect:

– Not perfectly good (inamal hayat adunya laibun wa lahw…)

– Not perfectly bad (inna ma al usree yusra), hope, focus on blessings bc they are always there even in hard times

C. A test:

– Al Mulk

– You’re being watched. Show off for the Judge.

D. A means

– Ocean of dunya

– Only a means: Use, but don’t love

– Hold in your hands—not your heart

4. Plan for tomorrow:

– Ya ayuhal latheena amanu itakul Allah wal tanthur nafsun ma qadamat li ghad:

Taqwa + put forward for Tomorrow (not just tomorrow)

5. Remember Allah

– Identity: Don’t be like those who forgot Allah so He made them forget their own selves: Wa la takoonu kal latheena nasu Allaha fa ansahum anfusahum

– Result of turning away from remembrance: Turning away from remembrance of Allah: a) miserable life b) an appointed shaytan becomes intimate companion to you

– Fruits of remembrance: Indeed in the rembrance of Allah do the hearts find peace: ala bithikr illahi tatminul quloob

– Remember now bc on Day of Judgment remembering will be of no benefit then. Allah says: yawma yatathakarul insaanu fa ana lahul thikra

6. Guard yourself from shaytan

Guard from shaytan thru thikr: salah, quran, athkar, halaqat

7. Guard yourself from your nafs

Guard from nafs thru starving it: less talking (tongue), fasting

8. Guard yourself from your sins (produce a veil) thru tazkiyah

Guard from sins thru Tawbah: cleans the heart from the stain of sins which cover it (cleaning the wound)

9. Guard your heart

Protect its doors: eyes, ears, tongue
Good company

10. Maintain a personal connection with Allah


Maintain a personal connection with Allah


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