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17 tips to keep the happiness flowing at home – Men


1. You must be nice to your wife. Make small gestures, but make them often and make them with sincerity. The little things matter.

2. Renew affection by telling your wife ‘I love you’ at least once a day. The three words ‘I love you’ can mean a lot to her!

3. A happy marriage is based on commitment, deep friendship, knowing each other well, having mutual respect, knowing when it makes sense to try to work out an issue.

4. Shariyat has given a husband the right to pronounce ‘Talāq’ to his wife. Please do not misuse this right. Only after you have exhausted all the avenues that you divorce your wife. Of all the permissible acts the most hated one before Allāh is divorce.

5. Spending time with your family should be high on your priority, your friends come later. Your wife and your kids love your company and as such they would really appreciate if you spend as much of your free time as possible with them.

6. Never go to sleep when you are upset with one another. Try to resolve the matter as much amicably as you can. Never make a back-handed apology like “well I am sorry but partly its your fault too. You should have done this and that…” Be sincere in your apology. Forgive and forget even if you feel it was your partner’s fault.

7. Do not let her feel inferior in any way. Give her a VIP treatment in every respect.

8. Be observant enough to notice any new dress she has put or any new dish she has prepared for you and compliment her accordingly with all sincerity. Sometimes a wife dresses up for her man but he hardly notices it. This really puts her off.

9. Try as much as you can to give her a helping hand in the domestic chores. Also, do not overburden her with work when she is feeling under the weather.

10. Bring her a gift every now and then. Do not wait for a special occasion. The value does not matter it’s the sincerity that counts. Even a flower a day can keep the boredom at bay!

11. Try your best not to scold or belittle your wife in front of other people or compare her negatively with other women. Also, never pass sarcastic or satirical remarks against her and neither use harsh language when talking to her even if you have lost your temper for any reason.

12. Even in the privacy of your bedroom, if you want to point out to her about her shortcomings then do it very discreetly and without hurting her feelings.

13. At times we tend to taunt and insult our wives for any wrong done by someone from their parents’ side. Such unfair behavior can easily bring rifts between the couples.

14. You are often very kind and sweet to your friends and colleagues and reserve your screams and yells for your wife and children. This attitude destroys the tranquility at home and it can also create rifts not only between the couples but also between you and your kids. Your behavior with your family members should be such that they should be looking forward to your coming home and not dreading it.

15. Pay extra attention to the language you use at home. Foul language, insults and swearing can create a very disturbing atmosphere at home and it can also have a poor impact on your children.

16. Your parents have lots of rights that need to be fulfilled by you. Be extra careful to see that these rights are not violated by you over-pampering your wife.

17. Bring Sunnāh alive in your home. Reviving one Sunnāt of Nabi Muhammad (Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in these days of Fitnāh could earn you the reward of a martyr.

May Allah grant every married couple eternal happiness and understanding inshallah.

Source – Muslimvillage

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