Cii Radio | 26 Safar 1436/19 December 2014

Umrah season is in full swing, and cumulatively, millions of pilgrims from around the world will be descending on Makkatul Mukarammah to experience the unmatched spirituality of the spiritual capital of the earth.

For the journey to the Holy Lands to be a truly worthwhile one, the pilgrim has to appreciate the high spiritual pedigree of Makkah and its rich Islamic heritage.

The following are 5 distinctive qualities of Makkatul Mukarammah that were shared by Mufti Muhammad Shaakir Ismail on a recent discussion on Cii Radio.

1. It is a place of peace

Makkatul Mukarammah has been protected by Allah SWT from all forms of evil. It is world renowned as a place of safety and security. This is a factor that was even recognized by the uncivilized pagan Arabs prior to the Nubuwah of Sayyidina Muhammad SAW. Even criminals were deemed safe if they sought refuge in Makkah. Allah SWT reminds the Quraish(primarily) about this favour in the Noble Qur’aan:

This characteristic of Makkah is also chronicled in various other places of the Noble Qur’aan:

Makkatul Mukarammah will also be protected from the Fitan of Dajjal at the end of time. Through the Malaaikah, Allah SWT will create a ‘spiritual barricade’ around Makkah that will thwart Dajjal’s entry.

2. It has a magnetic lure

This is partly as a result of the accepted call of Sayyidina Ibrahim AS as found in the Qur’aan:

When tasked with this responsibility by Allah SWT, Sayyidina Ibrahim AS was perplexed, as he could not fathom how his call would reach all it was intended for. But Allah SWT reassured him that Ibrahim should just make the call, and that He SWT would deal with the rest. It is said that whoever responded to the call at that time with Labbayk will be blessed with the opportunity to visit Makkah.

The Quraan also speaks of Makkah as a place of Mathaba or return:

Makkah is such that the heart keeps desiring to return to it over and over. And as the centuries have gone by, the numbers desiring to visit it has only increased. And the more one visits it, the more one is pulled by his soul to visit it again.

3. It showcases the fruit of the world


In Makkatul Mukarammah, one will find A-grade fruit, that are produce of only specific countries and regions, available throughout the year. This in spite of Makkah being located in a barren desert. In Makkah, one will guaranteedly always find the cream of the crop.

Again, this speciality stems from an accepted Dua of Sayyidina Ibrahim AS

4. It is the birthplace of Nabi SAW

Allah SWT chose Makkatul Mukarammah to be the place where His final messenger to humankind would be born and the terrain from which hewould blessed launch his blessed mission.


5. Rewards for Ibadah here are unparalleled

Nabi SAW is reported to have said: “A prayer in the Sacred Mosque [in Makkah] is worth 100,000 prayer more than in any other mosque, a prayer in my mosque [in Madinah] is worth 1,000, and a prayer in Jerusalem [al-Aqsa Mosque] is worth 500.” (Reported by Bukhari)

Scholars of Islam mention that this virtue is not restricted to Masjidul Haram alone but to the entire area of the Haram that stretches forth from the Ka’bah in all directions.

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