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560 killed and 2,000 injured in besieged Eastern Ghouta in 9 days

More than 2,000 people have been wounded as a result of the Assad regime’s bombing of Ghouta between 19-27 February, Mahmoud Serag, a Syrian journalist in the besieged enclave told MEMO in an exclusive report.

In his eyewitness account, Serag said 600 of those injured are children and more than 500 are women.
In addition to this, 560 were killed during this period, including 107 children, 67 women, 377 men, and two members of the White Helmets, or Syrian Civil Defence.

According to our source in Ghouta, 172 incendiary weapons, 284 explosive barrels, 3,879 multiple rocket launchers, 422 ground-to-ground missiles, 823 airstrikes, 3,267 artillery bombardment and 15 cluster bombs were used during those nine days.

After the ceasefire was declared on 25 February to yesterday, 68 people were killed, including 17 children, 11 women and 40 men, while over 200 men, women and children were injured.

Twenty-four explosive barrels were used in a single area during this time, as well as 726 multiple rocket launchers, 137 ground-to-ground missiles and 182 airstrikes, the witness added.

Serag also noted that so far today, there have been 29 air strikes; eight were killed in Duma, three as a result of today’s strikes and five who succumbed to wounds they obtained in previous attacks.

The air strikes are taking place in Harasta, Duma, Arbin, Kafr Batna, and Beit Sawa. A member of the White Helmets was also killed in a strike in Awtaya today.

Source – MEMO

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