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Are you Tony Blair’s kind of Muslim?

Bint Assalaam  – Opinion | 22  February 2014/21 Rabi ul Akhir 1435

After a short period of dormancy, the age old “war on terror” was successfully revived in an epic display almost 13 years ago. This war will probably go on for some time.

In March 2003 Noam Chomsky wrote about the “Wars of Terror” outlining American ““state-supported international terrorism” that vastly exceeded anything that could be attributed to their targets” – those are targets prior to September 11. Simply put, the Land of Liberty was guilty of far worse than countries it claimed posed a threat.

The 9/11 “attacks” gave the US and Best Friend Forever, Britain “reason” to go guns blazing into Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan, and has given them a licence to militarily enter any country on the basis of “pre-emptive action”.

But the commanders of the war on terror have at the same time also cleverly created a “face of terror” such that that it has become clearly evident they have in fact waged a war on Islam.

Since, well, forever, having a dark skin – and that’s any shade of “dark” – has openly and sometimes silently allowed others to tag you with some derogatory term or another. History has proven that more often than not the one being terrorised has been sold as an evil fanatic.

Now, anyone sporting a Muslim name, and beard or niqab, can be regarded a terrorist. If you adhere to the principals of Islam and propagate it, then chances are you’re an Islamist. It’s taken for granted that Islamist is a portmanteau word combining Islam and terrorist. Even South African mainstream media – who should know better – have taken a liking to it. History repeats itself even in media.

For example, in the eyes of our global power elites, Egypt’s ousted president Muhammad Morsi was just a crazy Islamist and deserved what he got. Tony Blair not long ago wrote, “Democracy is not only a way of voting. It is a way of thinking. People have to feel equal, not just be regarded by the law as such. Such religious tolerance has to be taught and argued for. Those who oppose it have to be taken on and defeated not only by arms but by ideas.”

He should ask London’s 2011 rioters about their thoughts on equality in their so called democracy. But then the leaders of global anarchy, the true terrorists of our time have mastered the concept of social control through popular culture and mass media, through religious and ideological divisions, through fear and anger and public education.

Western governments are idealists who want the members of their society to conform to their particular brand of ideology, an ideology absent of any religious belief or “extreme” religious belief. And while they rid the world of the “evil” that dare stand up against them, they have pitted people of specific nations against each other in civil wars driven by religious differences.

Much of the trouble in the Muslim world has been fuelled by Western driven sectarian conflicts. And this is slowly being manoeuvred in a different direction which can be seen beginning most prominently in Egypt.

Consisting of a third of all the people in the Arab world, Egypt is a key figure in the Muslim world and could be seen as the keystone of US domination. After the fall of Hosni Mubarak the US was terribly frightened of the 85 year old Muslim Brotherhood taking political power.

When the elections took place, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi won by a landslide, the West anticipated the rise of an Islamic state, signalling the beginning of a global Islamic power and a new Islamic Khalifate.

This union of every Islamic nation could bring with it a powerful economic and military force that would plunder the West and Israel. The US and its allies were quick to nip that covert threat in the bud by recognising the needs of Egypt’s’ minority and again fuelling an internal conflict. Only this time the divide was between Muslims who seek a state based on Shariah law and modern/ liberal Muslims who want to move away from it.

A new sectarian agenda dividing Muslims between “moderates” or modernists and “extremists”, in other words, “conservatives” has been mobilised. In order to fit the mould of an “acceptable Muslim” one has to denounce Jihad as un-Islamic, see the beard or nikab as symbols of oppression and change core Islamic principles to suit a Western lifestyle.

And like flimsy marionettes Muslims are getting caught up in this grand opera of political manipulation. Muslims are becoming less Muslim in order to be accepted in society.

Eissa Abu Noor, producer of the YouTube hit series “The Light”, explains it as the true terrorists of the West “openly trying to change Islam so that it may fit Western interests, an Islam that wouldn’t threaten the status quo and that wouldn’t oppose injustice”.

“I believe Muslims are being categorised into “moderate” and “extremist” for propaganda purposes, an acceptable or moderate Muslim is hence a Muslim who gives up core tenets of Islam that contradict Western interests, such as the idea of defensive jihad.”

A divide like this is not aimed at Muslims of a specific nation but Muslims throughout the Western world. While the George Bushs, Barack Obamas and Tony Blairs of the world conduct extremism under false legitimacy causing misery and mayhem where they please, Muslim apologists are being sucked into living a diluted Islam in an effort to appear “tolerant”.

Ironically, the bastions of democracy have bred a culture of intolerance in which it has become prohibited for Muslims to exercise tolerance within a paradigm of a religious truth.

It is reported that Abu Hurayrah RA said that The Messenger of Allah SAW said, “Islam began as something strange and will end as something strange…so give glad tidings to the strangers.” (Muslim: 145)

With Muslims rushing to be accepted by the immoral and amoral of society, accepting their ways, speech, dress and beliefs, at the expense of their Imaan, is the above hadith not slowly materialising? Muslims are choosing to live by fear of being outcast as “strangers” to a manipulative political system designed to actually suppress individuals.

Instead of being sheep to a Western lifestyle and Western ideology of what is acceptable, Muslims should be careful of losing sight of where true victory and acceptance lies.

We are living in a time when Islam is under threat, Muslims are singled out and yet we’ve allowed ourselves to become pawns in other’s exploits to bring us down. It is our time to build our characters and truly try to live up to the characteristics of the Sahaabah and Sahabiyaat who gave their lives so Islam could reach us.

Fight for your Islam. Accept it as a gift, embrace it, and keep a firm grip on it.

Lest your children become strangers to their Deen.

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