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The Jamiatul Ulama KZN, South Africa, strongly condemns the attempted coup in Turkey on the 15 July 2016. Media reports have stated that at least 90 people were killed across the country during the attempted coup and a total of 1,563 military officers were detained.


Under the Presidency of Raccip Erdogan, Turkey has grown to be a symbol of an Islamic voice in the current global silence and onslaught against Muslims, especially among Muslim political leaders.


The Renaissance of Islam in Turkey has been a beacon of light for many Muslims across the globe. An important issue is that of the more than 3 Million plus Syrian Refugees housed within Turkish borders and the current Turkish Government’s policy to accommodate them and afford them a safe haven away from their civil war torn country.


May Allah the Almighty protect the Deen of Islam from all forces of evil and anarchy across the globe. Alhamdulialh, this great nation that once led the Muslim Ummah has once again triumphed. Our Duas are with the Presidency and the people of Turkey.


May Allah Taála protect the Muslims of Turkey and across the world and that peace and sanity prevails across the globe. Ameen


Ahmed Mahomedy (Ameer)

Jamiatul Ulama KZN South Africa

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