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She sat alone in her classroom looking outside the window as she ate her lunch.She yearned to go out and play on the jungle gym or to just sit with a group of friends,to chat and laugh like all the other girls she sees through the window yet she has no friends.The girls in her grade taunt and tease her as she is chubby and she has a skin disorder.A tear rolls down her cheek,she remembers the names they call her everyday,’fat brat’,’ugly duckling’ and the famous line her classmate never fails to repeat ‘you are just too fat and ugly to be friends with’.She never did tell her parents as she knew they would never take those comments seriously so she hid all the pain in her little heart and went through life believing she was ugly and hence she never did have the courage to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer as she was too busy trying to hide her ugliness from the world.

His family was relocating as his father got a promotion in another city so he had to change schools.Since grade R he had been attending an Islamic school and now as he is about to start high school his father chose a renowned private school for him.He was so comfortable wearing a Kurta as his uniform that the new shirt and tie made him feel strange yet he never did remove his beloved mosque hat as it was his pride and joy.He felt awkward walking into the school gates as the other pupils stared at him as if he was an alien.Just as he made his way to his classroom a group of boys standing outside the door called him over for a chat little did he know that they were taking him to the boys bathroom to phyically and emotionally torture him based on him being a Muslim,this continued daily.They destroyed his love for Islam as they burned his dignity and his hat with comments that forever made him resent being a Muslim and led to him dropping out of hifz class and ultimately as he grew older he abandoned his beautiful deen.

She was a bright student always getting straight A’s and aspired to be a doctor someday.Her parents were always proud of her and suported her every step of the way.Her friends were also a diligent students.She never did tell her friends or her parents about her new boyfriend and the secret affair lasted a year before he started abusing her physically as well as sexually,forcing her to be a girl she never thought she would become and as he grew bored of her he dumped her for his next victim.This resulted in her grades starting to drop as she became too depressed to study and finally she failed her grade.She could not accept this or explain it to her parents hence her lifeless body was found hanging from a tree close to her house.

He was always given everything and anything he ever wanted since he was a child and his parents never taught him the value of anyone or anything hence he felt entitled to things as well as people.As a child he bullied his parents and other children at school and as he grew he became an abusive husband and father as he always felt the need to control everyone and everything which led to him verbally and physically abusing his wife and kids who feared the sight of him.His wife could no longer handle the trauma and was soon to file for a divorce when he entered the house pulled the trigger and shot her dead before turning the gun on himself leaving behind their three beautiful children who are now orphans.

Bullying has entered our schools,playgrounds,masjids,homes and the heart and minds of our innocent children.We as parents need to be alert at all times with regard to the change in behaviour of our children and to establish a beautiful relationship with them so if they are being bullied or find themselves in that difficult situation they will immediately seek our guidance and not try to hide the evils of others.We also need to highlight to our children that they have to stand up and speak out for the ones that are being bullied if they do see such crimes against their peers they need to know what to do as the ones that ignore oppression are as good as the oppressors.

Bullies are not only found in schools amongst children.Bullies are everywhere in workplaces,in homes,in shopping malls and unfortunately they are in positions of power a perfect example being the big orange Bullie who is now the President of the U.S.A. So let us set an example to our children on how to handle these sick people as they carry a deadly virus which could destroy the people that are most precious to us.

May Allah protect our offspring from such evil and give hidaayah and warmth to the cold hearts of bullies.And may Allah protect our children from becoming such people.Ameen

By N Chhipa

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