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Defending Islam

First woman fined under Denmark’s new niqab ban

Posted by: Habib Momin Following the start of a controversial ban on Wednesday, a 28-year-old niqab-wearing woman is the first to be fined by Danish police. The incident took place on Friday in Horsholm city, in the north-eastern area of Nordsjælland, after police were called to a shopping complex. The woman …

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From Idols to Islam

Assalaamu ‘alaikum Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem My intention is to share my journey from being a Hindu to accepting Islam. I hope that my story will be an inspiration to the Ummah. I was born into a devout Hindu home, where the normal activities included attending the temple which was built …

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The Grave Implications of “Feminist Islam”

  One of the leading Muslim feminists once wrote that Muslims need to feel comfortable saying “no” to the Quran. Well, it’s time for Muslims to feel comfortable saying “no” to feminism. ________________________________ I met my wife when we were both college students at Harvard. We both considered ourselves feminists as …

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Secularism and its dangers

Allah, the Most Exalted, sent down The Book (the Noble Quran) to clarify all things and to give Guidance and Mercy to people who believe. He sent His Messenger, Muhammad with guidance and the true religion with which He opened blinded eyes, deaf ears, and sealed hearts. With it, He …

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The ‘Temple Mount’ Deceit

Israel is a Zionist military outpost in the Middle East masquerading as a nation state. It has never possessed legitimacy by standards of international law and is founded on on-going forced expulsions of people,[1] land-theft and military occupation. Neither has it ever possessed moral legitimacy being the principal aggressor in the …

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