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If I teach a child to read at school, I’m called a Teacher. If I teach my child to read Qur’aan n his sunnah Du’aaz at home, then I’m just a mother. If I plan lessons for a class, I’m called a Curriculum Coordinator. If educate my child home, then …

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From Full-time Doctor to Full-time Mother

By Laura Gibb WHEN I announced my decision to resign from my position as a pediatrician in a major Saudi hospital in order to embrace motherhood full-time, the reaction I received from my fellow female colleagues came as quite a surprise to me. “Are you crazy?!” “This is the worse …

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Too Much TV Harms Kids Psychologically

Parents may went to limit their children’s computer use and TV viewing time to ensure their psychological well-being. THE GIST Children who spent two hours or more a day watching TV or playing on a computer were more likely to have psychology difficulties. The negative impact of screen time was …

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Question and Answer: Q. When is a child considered an orphan, and up until what age, for a boy and for a girl? (Question published as received) A. A child without a father is considered an orphan until the age of puberty. And Allah Knows Best Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo …

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The Manners of Welcoming the New-Born Child in Islâm

by Abu Rumaysah Children are a source of delight and an adornment for the world granted by Allâh to their parents, they give vigour to the hearts, joy to the souls, pleasure to the eyes. They are the fruit from whom good is to be hoped for when they frequently …

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Mould your child

Question: There are parents who allow or insist on their children studying subjects, after school, that are not appropriate for Muslims, e.g. Ballet, Modern dancing, Drama, Band, Piano, Cheer-leading etc.There are parents who allow or insist on their children studying subjects, after school, (not required, but optional), that are not …

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