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Challenges facing Muslim Youth.

Muslim parents, protect your children from dangers that surround them in this modern world. Some parents want to be careful and protective but just *don’t know* about the various threats to the kids’ health and iman that lurk in western (or even Muslim) societies, because their generation didn’t have this stuff.

So, parents, in case you are not fully aware, here is a list of some readily-available socially-trending stuff you need to guard your children from:

1. Sex before marriage (zina)

2. Porn (mostly online)

3. Drugs, most commonly marijuana (weed, and “delta” the other variant)

4. Vaping (e-cigarettes)

5. Alcohol

6. Smartphones (this is how they start talking online to strangers of the opposite gender and hooking up; also: porn access)

7. School (this is usually the original spot where bad stuff goes down; can be non-Muslim public or private school, or Islamic school, doesn’t matter)

8. Social media (especially Instagram, Tiktok, etc, where girls share selfies of their exposed bodies and guys devour these pics, and a lot of talking happens)

9. Bad friends (especially ones with cars, because they’re mobile and can give your kid rides to bad places, but ones also without cars)

10. Bad role models (in person or online, like “influencers” on Insta or YouTube “gurus”)

11. TV shows and movies (indoctrination)

12. Children’s cartoons (indoctrination starts very young)

13. Music (indoctrination)

14. Video games (a total time suck, plus teaches violence, disrespect, decreases attention span)

15. Cursing and foul language (picked up from music, TV, social media, video games, school)

16. Money (be aware of every purchase your kid makes and don’t allow them unhindered access to their “own money”; this is how kids buy weed, alcohol, sex toys, etc)

17. Dress (applies to both boys and girls, but especially girls. Don’t let your daughter leave the house in leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, tight tops, show cleavage, or tie her hijab back or “turban style.” No makeup or perfume allowed. No fake nails, fake hair extensions, fake eyelashes, or body piercings like a bellybutton or a tongue ring allowed. She’s not doing this stuff “for herself,” she’s copying bad friends and trying to impress the guy she’s into online or at school.)

18. Homosexuality (same-sex attraction and action is taught on TV, in movies, video games, books, pop music, at school, on social media. It’s trendy right now to be “bi” or “gender-fluid.”)

19. Obsession with happiness over duty/ responsibility (liberalism instills this in people at its very core: the most important thing is for you to be happy and free at all times. Turns adults into whiny overgrown infants.)

20. Individualism/ self-centeredness (comes from a combination of all of the above. Shifts society from a communal type to an individualistic type of society.)

Do you see how these things are mostly all related?
This is the modern western world.
It’s a loop of terrible habits of the flesh and twisted indoctrination of the heart and mind.
Open your eyes. Save your kids.

Umm Khalid Haqiqatjou – Wife of Ustad Daniel Haqiqatjou


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