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Inside the Musjid of Zakhan-Yurt

Connected to the Masjid

Every home has clean water flowing in, and waste water flushed out. During the construction of a home if the builder by mistake connects the water tank and the generator to the sewer line instead of connecting it to the water supply, the sewerage of the town will flow into that home and not the clean water. Thus in the very same way, we need to connect every home to the Masjid, so that the beautiful acts of worship that take place in the Masjid enters our homes. If our homes are not connected to the Masjid, then unfortunately they will be connected to the bazaars and malls. Hence our homes will be full of items and ornaments, but empty of the actions of Deen. Therefore we need to keep our Masjids alive with the talks of Deen, learning, teaching, zikr, worship, and serving the needs of mankind. Furthermore we have to strive to link every home to the Masjid.

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