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Does White Supremacy Pull The Strings In South Africa?



Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia – 2016-04-12



Former EFF MP and National Convenor of the Black First Land First Movement Andile Mngxitama says South Africa is facing a massive crisis of leadership and vision.

Over the past few weeks the country has been faced with a number of issues which include a leadership and economic catastrophe which could push the country on to the brink of junk status and calls for President Jacob Zuma to step down over the Nkandla scandal from former ANC MP’s, struggle stalwarts and opposition party leaders.

Speaking to Radio Islam on Sabaahul Muslim this morning, Mngxitama says there is no national agenda and the county is faced with a real and present danger of white capital engineering a regime change to ensure nothing changes.

He says they have come to a conclusion that there is an international imperialist attack on countries that form part of BRICS.

“President Zuma is seen as a man who no longer listens to the West and no longer takes calls from the West, he’s been looking East, working with Russia, China, India and back home he’s not taking calls from the ‘white capital’ linked to Johan Rupert.”

Mngxitama says the strategy from ‘white capital’ globally is ‘two pronged’ which includes ‘Gupta Must Go’ and ‘Zuma Must Fall’.

“‘Gupta Must Go’ is a matter now handled completely by Johan Rupert through the banks and a prime example was when FNB and Absa cut ties with Oakbay, and auditing firm KPMG also dropping the company owned and run by the Gupta family.”

He says EFF leader Julius Malema is now left with pushing Jacob Zuma out of the Presidents seat.

“Not with an election, but to try and do as they are doing in Brazil, organise the society to get rid of Zuma so that the ‘white capital’ led by Johan Rupert can reconstitute itself as the ultimate power and controller and owner of South Africa.”

Mngxitama says Rupert and Malema have both openly called for President Jacob Zuma to step down with the EFF Commander in Chief asking Rupert openly for help and money to get rid of the President.

He also says the ‘white capital’ initiated the firing and hiring of Finance Ministers in December which is said to have cost the country about R500-billion.

“We know for a fact that on the night of the 13th last December, eight bankers summoned the top leadership of the ANC and told them to fire Van Rooyen and hire Pravin Gordhan.”

The Black First Land First Movement has opened a criminal case against Johan Rupert and the eight bankers as they believe they have interfered with the functions of the President.

He says “when white people do this stuff, hiring minister, firing ministers, threatening government – it is not called corruption, it is not called interference, it is not called a crime, it is called rescuing the country.”

“We are trying to correct these racist perspectives and actions which visibly explain the differential treatment from white capital and also black people.”

Mngxitama says there are two factions within the ANC, namely the ‘Zuma faction’ and the ‘Pravin faction’.

“The Zuma faction is trying to look east and there is the Pravin faction trying to look west and is taking instructions from London, the complicating dynamic is that the Pravin faction wants to get back into the centre of running things and they have found that it is best to align with global capital and powerful means such as Johan Rupert to try and squeeze out Zuma”.

Mngxitama says while South Africans hate corruption, Zuma has been successfully projected as the problem and not white capital, he added that it’s really unpredictable whether Jacob Zuma will step down as president.

Mngxitama questions whether Malema and the anti ANC Zuma faction can get millions of South Africans into the streets to demand the removal of the president similar to what is taking place in Brazil with President Dilma Rousseff.

He has emphasized that South Africa is under an ‘imperialist attack’ and the country needs to use this crisis to resolve the big question that relates to the power of ‘white capital’.


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