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Don’t Be Sad

Beautifully compiled video for anyone who is going through trials upon trials.

The simplest and most straightforward explanation of a believer’s life: Perception of how one looks at things. Every trial is only a means to get closer to Allah SWT, to be purified to go to the most purest of places (Jannah), and expiation of sins. Thats it. Nothing else matters.

Alhamdulillah for every trial and for every ease in this worthless Dunya. :’)

Some transcription from the video:

Pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and Allah SWT

But it becomes positive, a motivation for you when it brings you back to Allah SWT.

And this is when every individual who is going through pain and suffering needs to realize that this point of pain is not that Allah SWT wants to punish you but rather this is a call form Allah SWT, “O MY SLAVE, COME BACK TO YOUR LORD!” O my Slave, this is a reminder for you that I want to bring you back to Me.

And this is one of the wisdoms of trials and tribulations that while we call each other on the phone, while we text message each other, the calling of Allah SWT comes through trials and tribulations.

And you can react in one of two ways: Either you can deal with the pain at that moment and decide to get closer to Allah SWT. Or you can decide to just restrict that pain to yourself, not do anything about it, and then you will see, what it does to your deen. And this is the last stage of the cycle of isolation. That once you are isolated, you will see that eventually your deen starts to disappear. The content of your salah, the khushu in it, it disappears. Your ability to recite Quran is no longer there. Your ability to fast during the day, it gets taken away. What did you do differently? What you did was, you gave yourself into shaitan. And shaitan’s promise is that he will lead you astray. He will lead you away from the path of Allah SWT.

So in times of trials and tribulations, you need to seek out the believers. You need to seek out the righteous. And let them be your guide and help to Allah SWT.

There is actually a blessing inside trials that we don’t perceive. The simplest trial that an individual will go through is that he is walking on the road, and he gets pricked by a thorn, and cause him to say ‘ouch!’ but its only for a split second. The Prophet SAW said, ‘That no individual is pricked by a thorn, except that Allah SWT purifies him with a sin for it”

Trials and tribulations are a means of purification. They are a means of purifying you so you can go to the purest of places.

The punishment of Allah is not out of anger or wrath, but rather is a means of cleansing you of your sins. It’s a preparation so that you can go to the noblest and purest places- Al firdaus al ala.

And this is why Allah swt sends trials and tribulations.

So don’t sit there and wonder why Allah put you in the situation you are in. There is no way you gonna figure it out. But Allah says in the Quran that Allah will make it absolutely clear. Why certain things happened to you in this world. If He tells you now, the test wouldn’t be the test.

Allah azza wa jal is choosing the most closest to Him because Allah SWT not only wants to give them the high darajah, and not only wants to give him that high station, and high rank in front of Him, but Allah SWT wants to also make him an example for other people, and he wants to make them people who actually produce and show that they have got a reason to go to jannah.

The Prophet SAW said, “ A believers affair is strange, when Allah blesses him with something good, and he thanks Allah, He enjoys the goodness Allah has given him. And Allah rewards him. By thanking Allah he is getting more reward from Allah. And then when Allah takes something away, and replaces it with hardship, he makes sabr, and is getting so much reward from Allah. The reward Allah will give the people who make sabr, will have no limits and no bounds. (bi ghairi hisaab)

Allah sends hardship to get you in track. You haven’t made dua in a long time. Rush back to Allah. 

Sometimes, we only come the hardway. We have to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, to remember Allah SWT. And He opens the way for that. He sends us hardships to perfect us.

Tonnes of benefits in these hardships. The hardship comes and its good for you. Because its pain. But pain is weakness leaving the body they say. If it doesn’t break you it makes you stronger.

Don’t we know the stories of the Anbiya AS. They were the ones that were tested the most. Yet they never turned away from Allah SWT.

A little bit of difficulty comes, and we straight away ask ‘What have I done wrong? I prayed my 5 prayers. I give charity. I do this. I do that. Why has Allah picked on me? ‘

Why not us?

If Allah SWT tested the anbiya, why cant He test us?

Allah swt says in surah baqarah 156, “Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”

In every tribulation you have in life, you can either turn back t Allah swt or you can turn away.

Allah gives difficulty to purify the muslims. And just like a diamond comes out of a coal, after heat and pressure, thus the believer comes out of his trials and tribulation. Purified and beautiful and invaluable. This is the state of the believer.

So number 1: Allah tests the believers to purify them

Number 2: Allah SWT purifies the sins of the muslim in the time of tribulation if he is patient.

Number 3: Allah SWT wants to bring his slaves closer to Him. Through trials and tribulations. Allah wants you to be close to Him. He wants you to increase in the Ibadah. He wants you to remember him more.

In that state of trial and tribulation, you feel weak, you feel helpless. And thus you turn back to Allah SWT.

And this is what He wants. He tests you not to  punish you. But He tests you to strengthen that relationship in your life that you need the most. The relationship with Allah SWT.

These are just three benefits of trials and tribulations and this is the first step in changing our perception with how we deal with the trials and tribulations. These trials and tribultions in this world are limited. And nothing. When an individual understands this, he will be able to surpass and succumb everything. You just have to change your perception. On how you view those trials and tribulations.

Allah never takes away anything from his slave except that he replaces it with something better either in this life or the hereafter

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