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Evils of Infidelity

She tucks her two beautiful children into bed. She looks at their innocent little faces as she kisses them good night with a soft dua to Allah to always protect them and keep them happy. She had a long day of chores and cooking as well as taking care of the twins,she anxiously looks at the clock. It’s past midnight and her husband is not home as yet,worry overwhelms her.Her mind races with thoughts of an accident or possible hijacking, she nervously reaches for her phone only to be transferred to his voicemail. He comes home an hour later with the same excuse she knows all too well, work was hectic and with that he falls asleep. She feels like a stranger is sleeping next to her.He does not value his beautiful wife as his body, heart and soul have surrendered to his nafs in the form of an extra marital affair.

He rushes to the florist after work.He wants to surprise his wife with a a bouquet of her favourite flowers to say he still loves her even though they have been arguing alot lately. Before entering the house he sprays his shirt with the fragrance she gifted him on his birthday and brushes his beard as he wants to look attractive just for his wife.He smiles and enters their home only to be met with the same cold greeting, silence. His wife sits on the couch glaring at her iPhone oblivious of her husband or his gift. This came as no surprise to him as she ignores him for hours, too engrossed in chatting to her latest admirer on Facebook.She surrendered to the evil whisperer, shaytaan.

She dresses elegantly never misses her weekly appointments at the beauty spa and will never make an excuse to skip gym class. Her skin is flawless even without her applying her expensive make up,her toned figure makes any dress she wears look stunning on her yet she sits all alone in her sea facing mansion. Her husband is out with his secretary she knows that for a fact yet she never confronted him nor complained. She feels that she was,is and never will be beautiful or good enough for him.He lost himself in a web of seduction and sin.

They were married for over 25 years. A golden relationship is what the world saw yet it had been years since they shared the same bedroom.They both decided to live separate lives without the ‘stigma’ of being divorced.The wife knew he had many lady friends over the years and he noticed her late night conversations with her colleague. They lived in a broken marriage for years yet to the world they were a happily married couple.

The sparks of infidelity have entered our homes and with the advancement of technology those sparks turn into rapid wild fire quickly engulfing our marriages and reducing our happy homes to ashes.

Infidelity does not just break hearts,it breaks minds,it breaks self esteem and respect,it breaks your innocent children,it breaks the very essence of a happy home,it will break your soul and shatter your imaan.

Turn to your Allah and make dua to safegaurd your body,mind,soul and imaan as well as your marriage.Ameen

By N Chhipa

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