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Fi Zillil Habeeb SAW: Introduction & Part 1

Madinah Munawarrah

As the last third of Ramadan dawns, it is time to accelerate our Roohani connection InshaAllah. In the light of that, Cii Radio brings to you a 12 part series on the Seerah.

Fi Zillil Habeeb SAW (In the Shade of the Beloved SAW) is a series of notes that have been compiled specifically those who have forgotten the seerah or want to be introduced to it. It does not delve into meticulous historical detail but is crafted more to grow an attachment to the beloved SAW. You will also find it interspersed with stories of Sahaba RA, who were the greatest and keenest disciples of our beloved Nabi SAW.


Allah Ta’aala says in the Quran Kareem; “Say- If you’ll love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you’ll and HE will forgive your sins,and Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Aal Imraan A:31)

SubhanAllah! “then follow *me *” in the above ayah,means following Rasulullah SAW.

True success is to shadow Nabi SAW in all we do, from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed. In moments of happiness, anger, difficulty, comfort ;we should follow him SAW. Then only, will we be able to create happier and productive lives in this world and a beautiful akhirah (hereafter).

Once Nabi SAW said “None of you has true Imaan until I am more beloved to him than his parents,his children and all people.”

But how will we be able to love Nabi SaW when we do not know who he was as a person?? How did his Mubarak face look? How did he smile? How did he interact with children? What was his manner of walking? What was his manner of treating the enemies? What did he do while he was relaxing at home?

To know that, we have to study the Quran and the Seerah(life of Nabi SaW)

We look up to people whose talents are superficial and limited like being able to kick a mediocre ball or swing a bat or to sing or to pretend to be someone else while their personal lives are in tatters and full of immorality. InshaAllah,when we learn Who our beloved SaW is, the effects of admiring these celebrities will be removed and the enthusiasm to place our feet on the noble footsteps will be created.

InshaAllah we are introducing a Seerah series that has been prepared in simple format for people of all ages to be ‘introduced’ to the love of the Greatest man to ever walk the earth SAW.

Allahumma Salli alaa Sayyidina Muhammad wa Baarik wa Sallim.

If you want to learn the art of love, the learn it from the As’haab (companions)RA of Muhammad SaW

None were more loyal and loving to him SAW

And so Allah raised them heads and shoulders above the rest of mankind.

Fi Zillil Habeeb SAW: Part 01 – The yearning of a Jew

Mohammed SAW


All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala, The Inspirer of Faith, The Guide and The Bestower of Honour. ‘Salaat and Salaam upon the Seal of the Ambiyaa, the Beloved of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad The beloved.

Hazrat ‘Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA has related the incident of a Jew, who resided in Syria. It was his observance to read the Taurah on a Saturday.

The Taurah was the Divine Book which had been revealed to Nabi Musa AS. We know that Jumu’ah is a Mubarak (blessed) day for the Mu`mineen (Believers); Sunday is regarded as a special day by the Christians, and Saturday is considered a sacred day by the
Jews, a day set aside for worship. Therefore, this Jew made reading the Taurah on Saturday, his practice.

One Saturday morning, whilst this Jew was reading the Taurah, he found, in four places, the mention of Nabi’s SAW Akhlaaq (character), Jamaal (beauty) and Kamaal (perfection).
Due to hatred, he could not tolerate, seeing in the Taurah, reference made to Rasulullah SAW. He decided to cut those verses out of the Taurah and burn them.
The following Saturday, he again opened the Taurah and began his reading. This time, he found mention of Nabi SAW in eight places. Allah Ta’ala revealed this message, informing everyone, that a Messenger was to come, and if any person lived in his time, it would be compulsory for the person to bring Imaan in him.

Allah Ta’ala did not take it upon Himself to protect any other book, which He revealed, except for the Qur`aan Shareef. Allah Ta’ala says:

There is no other book that has never been edited or revised and memorised by so many. SubhanAllah.

The third Saturday dawned, and so too, his time of Hidayah (guidance). This time, whilst reading the Taurah, he found Rasulullah SAW referred to in twelve places …and this
was the turning point.

How many more times was he going to try and remove from Divine Revelation? …The praise, status, beauty and character of Rasulullah SaW were manifest in the Taurah.
Thinking that if he were to continue, he would only find more mention of Nabi SaW, his concern and curiosity got the better of him: Who is this Messenger of Allah Ta’ala, who has
been spoken of, in so many places in the Taurah?

He decided: Let me find out from my elders as to what I should do?
So this Jew began to inquire from the people as to who Nabi Muhammad SAW is.
He was told: ‘It would be better that you neither see Muhammad nor that Muhammad sees you.’ And their reason was that they claimed Rasulullah SAW was a liar.Nauzubillah.
They described Rasulullah SAW with every kind of derogatory title.And the same kind of words are showered on those who follow and emulate Nabi SaW.Whereas if the person has to go to those on Haq and into those gatherings, he will strengthen his Imaan, or he will bring Imaan.

This Jew was now sincere in his quest to meet this Nabi.He said to his opposition, taking a Qasm by the Taurah of Nabi Musa “Do not stop me; do not prevent me because I have to meet him! …I have seen, in so many places of the Taurah, the mention of his name. I want to go and find out more from him. I want to know whether whatever he is inviting towards, is the truth or not. …And if his name is mentioned in the Taurah, then it is my duty to get to know who this person is.”

He was eventually told: ‘If that is your intention, go. He is in Madina.’ From Syria, he proceeded to Madina Munawwarah. And he traveled by day and night, very, very eager and keen to meet Rasulullah SAW
On reaching the outskirts of Madina Munawwarah, the first person that this Jew met was Hazrat Salmaan Farsi…the famous Sahabi who had journeyed from Persia in search ofthe same Truth.

Having read of Rasulullah’s SAW beauty and character,the Jew found in Hazrat Salmaan RA, Sahabi who was not even Arab,the description of Nabi SAW, as he had read in the Taurah. He thus presumed that Hazrat Salmaan RA must be Rasulullah SAW.

Just by observing the akhlaaq and dressing of Salmaan RA. There is a great lesson for us here. People used to live with Sahaba RA for 3 days and would comprehend what Islam is and accept it.

If a non-Muslim has to visit our home, will he find that same way of living as is the Sunnah? Will he be very comfortable that this is how a Messenger of Allah Ta’ala SaW must have lived with the television, the dvds, filthy magazines and newspapers, all the ‘sing-song’, dancing girls, etc.? Is this the impression we present of the Sunnah? …What then differentiates us from the non-Muslims? Why do we have to give someone a book to explain
Islam instead of observance?

If we have to consider, in twenty years, Nabi SAW produced approximately 124 000 students whom Alllah Himself awarded each one with the distinction of ALLAH IS PLEASED WITH HIM/HER.

The Jew inquired: “Are you Muhammad ?” Hazrat Salmaan RA gazed at him amazed.

He replied: “I am just a slave of Rasulullah SAW ,I am not Muhammad SaW…” and he drifted into deep thought…

To be continued…

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