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بسم الله الرحمن الرحي

The Jew then asked: “Where is Muhammad SAW?”

Hazrat Salmaan RA realized that the Jew was a stranger in the land, and asked him: ‘Don’t you know anything about Muhammad (SAW)?’

The Jew replied: ‘This is why I have come to Madina.’ Hazrat Salmaan thus gauged that the person was not aware as to what had so recently transpired in Madina Munawwarah.

Three days before the Jew’s arrival in Madina Munawwarah, Nabi SAW had left the world…
Salmaan RA didn’t want him to turn back because of disappointment neither did he want to lie that Nabi SAW was there.

Hazrat Salmaan RA said: “Come with me. I will take you to meet his companions.”
and he brought the Jew to Masjidun Nabawi SAW. All of the noble companions of Rasulullah SAW were in deep grief, meditating and tearing over the passing away of
Rasulullah SAW.

On entering the Masjid, the Jew found everyone lost in grief.And what sorrow could be greater upon any Muslim than the passing away of Rasulullah SAW? Imagine those that saw him SAW daily and then they entered the Musjid…and he was no more…

Hazrat Salmaan RA introduced the Jew to the companions of Rasulullah SAW. …Thinking that among the companions, one must be Nabi Muhammad SAW, the Jew called out: “As-salaamu ‘alaykum Ya Muhammad.”

He had thought that if Rasulullah SAW was one among them, he would reply to the Salaam and thereafter he would enquire about Islam.

The Sahaba hearing his greeting thought of how they too would often enter the Musjid and greet Nabi SAW with Asaalatu was salaam alaika Ya RasullAllah,in person! They could not control their emotions and they began to tear.

They asked the Jew: “Who are you? …Your words have made our wounds fresh. Your greeting has brought back memories of our Beloved SAW. …It appears that you are a stranger in this city and that you are not aware that Rasulullah SAW passed away three days ago.”

The Yahudi, heartbroken by this unanticipated news, said: “Ah! …My journey has gone waste. My mother should not have given birth to me! …And if she had given birth to me, I should not have read the Taurah, and if I had read the Taurah, I should not have read about the qualities of Rasulullah SAW. It was only due to my reading of the Taurah, that I
undertook this journey. …Having read about Rasulullah SAW, all I wanted, was to just see him, even if it was one glance at his blessed face.”

After some time, trying to come to terms with this news, and regaining some of his composure, he inquired: “ ‘Ali RA present amongst you, for I have also read of him in the Taurah?” When ‘Ali Karamalahu Wajha came forward, the Yahudi said: “I cannot see Nabi SAW. At least describe him to me.”

Ali RA replied: “Rasulullah SAW was neither too tall, nor short. His hair was neither very curly nor very straight, but had a slight wave in it. His Mubarak face was slightly round. The Mubarak eyes of Rasulullah SAW were extremely black. His eyelashes were long. The hands and feet of Rasulullah SaW were fully fleshed. He had a thin line of hair running from the chest to the navel. The Seal of Nubuwwah was situated between his shoulders…”*

And ‘Ali SAW went on to describe other aspects of Rasulullah’s SAW physique and mannerisms. His blessed face used to shine like the full moon. Hazrat Ibn Abbas RA had related that when Rasulullah SAW spoke, a Noor, emitting from his Mubarak teeth, could be seen. ‘He has no equal in his magnificence. The jewel (of excellence) in him is indivisible And verily he is the best of all the creation of Allah.’

We cannot be as beautiful as Nabi SAW outwardly but we surely can adopt his way of dressing,the thawb(kurta)amaamah and the beard. While the ladies should look to the wives and daughters of Nabi SaW,they covered their precious selves as Allah Ta’aala advised the believing women. “Oh Allah,I come to you in the outward appearance of my beloved SAW,now give me the inner reality of his akhlaaq and a’maal”

When ‘Ali RA presented these details of Nabi SAW,the Yahudi said : “What you have said is correct; for I have read the same in the Taurah. This is the exact description given in the Taurah.”

Thereafter, he asked : “Is there any garment of Rasulullah SAW ,Any of his clothes which I may see and give some consolation to my heart?” Hazrat ‘Ali RA said: “O Salmaan, go to my home, and request Faatima, my wife, to send the Jubba of her father SAW.” Hazrat Salmaan went to the home of Hazrat ‘Ali RA and tapped at the door. Salmaan RA was regarded as Ahle Bayt (i.e. from the household of Rasulullah SAW. When he tapped at the door and announced his purpose, that Hazrat ‘Ali SAW was requesting the Jubba of Rasulullah SAW, Hasan and Husain RA came outside of their home, crying…

Faatima RA asked: ‘Who is this person who is making the yateem cry today?’Faatima RA
began to weep as well. She then inquired: ‘Who is this person who wants the Jubba of
my father? Who is this person who will wear the Jubba of my father?’

Hazrat Salmaan RA related to Hazrat Faatima RA as to what had transpired: The arrival of the Yahudi from Syria, his desire to meet Rasulullah SAW, and and since this could
not be, his desire to see the Jubba of Nabi SAW. On hearing the reason behind the request, she gave the Jubba.


Salmaan RA then gave it to Ali RA who took it and brought it close to his face, inhaling it.
Once Rasulullah SAW passed his hand over the head of a Sahabi the fragrant smell remained on his hair until the Sahabi passed away.

His Sunnah is such a unique gift to the Ummah, that if we were to imbibe the spirit of his Sunnah into our lives, and if we were to practise upon it, we too will develop a fragrance within ourselves. Looking at the Mubarak Jubba,the Sahaba’s hearts were gripped again by
memories and each of them held it as it held the fragrance of Nabi SAW which they recalled

After each Sahabi RA had inhaled the fragrance of the Jubba Mubarak, the Yahudi did the same; whereupon he said: “What a beautiful fragrance this Jubba of Nabi SAW

The Jew then said: ‘Show me the grave of Nabi SAW.’ He then stood at the

After doing so, he looked toward the heavens and petitioned Allah Ta’ala: “O Allah, if You have accepted this Islam of mine, take away my soul. There is no happiness left; there is nothing left for me in life. What should I live for now that Nabi SAW has left the world… O Allah, what is there for me in this world, when he is no longer here – he, whom I came in
search of.”

He then collapsed at the Raudha of Nabi SaW, and his Ruh (soul) left his body.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaaihi raajioon.
What a beautiful end… we have begun the seerah with a story of someone,who just like us,was unable to see the beautiful countenance of Nabi SAW. His quest and yearning is so filled with love that it propelled him to a most desired end,we too inshaAllah,by studying the life of Nabi SAW…will be carried by the same. InshaAllah.