We cannot cover the Seerah of our beloved Nabi SAW without tracing the blessed strong tree he blossomed from. That sturdy tree whose roots were firm in faith and love was a man named Ibrahim, whom Allah loved so much, He called him, His khaleel(special friend).

Ibrahim AS was married to Sarah RA  with whom he had Ishaaq AS (who had Ya’qub AS,from whom 12 sons issued and thereafter the 12 tribes of the Bani Israeel from each of them.)

But before his son Ishaaq was born, he had a son from his second wife,HaajarRA,a boy they named Ismaeel. This child was born after many years of barrenness. We can imagine the joy of Ibrahim AS at having a child at last, when one day Allah Ta’aala commanded him to take them to a far,empty place in the desert,called Makka.

With a crying heart that was obedient to Allah,Ibrahim AS left his family in Makkah. Ismaeel AS was was thirsty and there was no shade from the sun. He cried and kicked his legs as babies do while his noble mother ran on then hill called Mount Safaa. She ran up and down 7 times, searching for some sign of water.

Allah never leaves us when we need Him,if we obey Him. Suddenly Haajar RA saw the baby gurgling with joy & at his feet ,water poured out! Allah Ta’aala sent Jibrail AS to strike the ground with his wing and that was the water of Zamzam,which we still drink today.

Nabi SaW said; Zamzam is (a cure) for whatever (sickness) it will be drank for.

Seeing the water,theBaniJurham moved into Makkah and built houses near the fresh well of Zamzam. These people loved Haajar AS and her son Ismaeel AS.

Allah reunited Ibrahim AS with his family,but then…came the divine command to slaughter his son! Ismaeel AS told his father not to fear and to obey Allah. Before the knife could even cut,Allah sent down a sheep from Jannah and moved Ismaeel AS away.

Allah loved this spirit of obedience of the father and son and chose them to build HIS house,thekaa’ba. Even after doing this great task of building the house of Allah, Ibrahim AS&Ismaeel AS still said humbly; ‘RABBANA TAQABBAL MINNA INNAKA ANTAS SAMEE’UL ALEEM’  our RABB,accept (this) from us,certainly you are ALL HEARING,ALL KNOWING.

We too should learn,never to take the abilty to do good,for granted and not think it is purely our efforts. But instead always ask for it to be accepted by our Rabb. Indeed it is complacency that can take a pious person to Jahannum and anxiety for forgiveness that can take a sinner to Jannah.

Ibrahim AS, who broke the idols, was turned out by his own father, who was thrown in a bonfire for 40 days –all because of his call to Allah Ta’aala, now had passed all his tests. Alhamdulilah.

He made dua for a messenger to be sent to Makka who will come with a Book(Qur’an) that will purify hearts and teach wisdom and so in reward for their love for Allah, the best of all mankind,Muhammad SaW was from the progeny of Ibrahim,Haajr and Ismaeel AS. And we repeat their actions every year till the year there will the last Muslims,in the days of Hajj because Allah loved their sacrifice. And so it is, that Deen comes alive in our hearts when we sacrifice our nafs.


Before the Birth of NabiSaW

The Arabs used to fight for the smallest reason.They would bury their daughters alive, treat women badly, oppress the poor, commit zina(adultery) without repercussion, drink alcohol like fish,had no concept of legitimacy ,gamble  and worshipped idols that they made with their own hands.

Have you ever wondered why Allah Ta’aala chose the Arabs to be the people whom Nabi SaW would invite first to Deen?

*However unlike other nations,they were simple, extremely brave, hospitable, honest and loved poetry. They were tough, generous, intelligent, were not extravagant,loved and respected the ka’baa as the House of Allah. Unlike the empires of Persia and Rome, where intrigue and deceit was common and people would engage in false flattery of the king, the Arabs refused to be governed and would never pretend to respect or like anyone that they didn’t feel inclined to. On the other hand the rest of the world were still running around in animal skins and discovering speech but the Arabs were fascinated by poetry and would treasure and compete in it.

They would also dress like the Ambiyaa AS; simple long robes(Thawb/kurtas) with beards and the virtuous women would cover up. So it was easy for them to follow the Sunnah when the time came.

*The paternal grandfather of Nabi SAW was,Shayba( meaning the White-Haired one because he was born with a streak of white hair). Shayba’s late father’s brother was Muttalib. When Muttalib brought him to Makka,the people mistakenly thought he was his uncle’s slave&called him Abdul Muttalib(slave of Muttalib)and that’s how he got his name!

*After his uncle passed away,AbdulMuttalib became the leader of his family, BanuHashim-the best family belonging to the Quraish tribe. The well of ZamZam could not be found anymore and saddened the people of Makka.Allah showed Abdul Muttalib in a dream,where the source of the well was.

*He got it dug and the precious,delicious water of ZamZam gushed out again and has never stopped till today.This increased the respect for Abdul Muttalib. He would feed and quench the pilgrims to the Haram.

*Abdul Muttalib had 10 sons and the most loved to him was Abdullah,his youngest. He was the chastest and well mannered. Do you know the story of a hundred camels and how Abdullah’s life was saved?

One day the handsome, morally beautiful Abdullah was approached by a lady who told him that she could see a special light(nur) radiating off his forehead, she would like a share in that nur and would he marry her?

To be continued…