Cii Radio|Maulana Khalid Dhorat|12 July 2016| 07 Shawaal 1437

It seems that nowadays Muslims are simply born to die – not naturally, but brutally. This is by means of cold-blooded killings, carpet bombings, manufactured wars, genocides and murders. If they do not die in this shameful way, they die in a more shameful way: due to their own disunity, attacking and killing each other, spying on each other on behalf of the West, acting as proxies for their Western masters and subduing entire Muslim populations in exchange of economic aid and preservation of their own power. And if Muslims do not die in this treacherous and hypocritically shameful way by their own kind, they die in the most senseless of manners. This is by believing in stupid conspiracy theories, joining the West is creating a negative environment for the demeaning of Islam and Muslims, having an inferiority complex to such a degree that Muslims swallow any filth the West spews out at them, not knowing their own glorious history or their own potential, not even knowing who their true enemy is, failing to recognize the spies and hypocrites amongst them, critiquing and branding those who have original ideas, and endlessly bickering with each other.

The Muslim ummah has paid a heavy price for their spiritual, economic, cultural, and military decline, yet all they have done is increase in the number of welfare and humanitarian agencies. Not that these are not needed, but they are meant to address the symptoms of our problem, not the root of the problem itself. The first wave of Palestinian refugees still lives in refugee camps from the past 80 years, and the ummah has not succeeded in returning them to their original homes. Many millions of refugees have since been created, and every one of them not only want food and water, they want their dignity back. Two billion Muslims worldwide have failed to help them.

One of the painful memories that the ummah is forced to relive is that this week marks the 21st anniversary of the European genocide against a religious minority. It was a genocide against the former Yugoslavia’s indigenous Muslim population starting in 1992, known as the Bosnia conflict. During this prolonged Bosnian war of independence, The U.N. had declared three enclaves as “safe havens,” to be disarmed and protected by international peacekeeping forces. These three towns in eastern Bosnia were Srebrenica, Zepa and Gorazde. However, this seemed to be a set up. On July 11, 1995, Serb forces advanced on Srebrenica whilst the Dutch peacekeeping forces stationed there simply looked on. The murderous Serbian forces subsequently separated the Muslim civilians at Srebrenica, putting the women and girls on buses and sending them to Bosnian-held territory. Over 10 000 of the women were raped or sexually assaulted, while the men and boys who remained behind were killed immediately, or bussed to mass killing sites. Estimates of Muslims killed by Serb forces at Srebrenica range from around 7,000 to more than 10,000.

The murderous mob then captured Zepa that same month and exploded a bomb in a crowded Sarajevo market. It was only after many thousands of Muslim lives were lost that the international community began to respond. In August 1995, after the Serbs refused to comply with a U.N. ultimatum, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) joined efforts with Bosnian and Croatian forces for three weeks of bombing Serb positions and a ground offensive. With Serbia’s economy crippled by U.N. trade sanctions and its military forces under assault in Bosnia after three years of warfare, Milosevic agreed to enter negotiations that October.

Today, as the UN did then, they are doing now: they are still looking on, and maybe even indirectly facilitating all the wars to annihilate Islam, but the Muslims still turn to them for help. The UN and western governments are mere onlookers and spectators of Muslim stupidity. They are not there to help us, nor benefit us. We need to help ourselves, or pay the price of death. Thirty years after realizing this, we still make the same mistakes. The Muslim ummah haven’t really learnt their lesson. They haven’t understood Tauheed properly in solving their political issues.

Overall, an estimated 200 000 people were mercilessly butchered in the most disgraceful manner, 2.2 million people displaced and over 50,000 women were raped during the Bosnian war which lasted three years between 1992-1995. The casualty figures are much higher in subsequent conflicts which took place in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Chechnya, Iraq, Palestine, Burma, China and other countries. Multiple millions of Muslims have died and are dying in increasing numbers daily, but the ummah has done nothing to stop its own annihilation. In fact, rather than uniting, they are hell bent in destroying themselves.

As the ummah relives its very painful past, it must come to the stark realization: They have not learnt any lesson at all.