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Book – Gift of Taraweeh – Brief Summary


All Praise is due to Allaah, Durood and Salaam upon Nabi Muhammad (Salaahi alaahi wasalaam ) upon whom was revealed Allaah’s last book. The Quraan –e- Kareem, upon which the Sahabah (Raadhi Allaahu Taala alaahim ajameen) lived to gain the pleasure of Allaah. The “Gift of Taraweeh” will aid the musalles and the followers of Taraweeh to have an overview of what is going to be recited in the Taraweeh Salaah on each night of Ramadhaan. Moulana Abdur Raheem Falahi has divided the recitation of the Quraan in the following manner :-

1.) From the 1ST Taraweeh up to the 16TH Taraweeh, 1 ½ paras are recited nightly

2.) From the 17TH Taraweeh up to the 25TH Taraweeh ,1 para is recited nightly

3.) In the 26TH Taraweeh a little more than ½ of the 30TH Para is recited then

4.) Recitation of the Quraan is concluded in the 27TH Taraweeh.

May Allaah reward Moulana Abdur Raheem abundantly and grant him a long life. (Ameen) We have made a further division by indicating denoting where the 1st Para starts and ends and making known thereafter where each subsequent para ends up to the 20TH para. Then as per Moulana’s summary and division the 21ST para starts in the 17TH Taraweeh. From then on up to the 25TH Taraweeh one (1) Para is recited nightly. May the Creator accept our efforts.

A.H.ELIAS (MUFTI) 1423 HIJRI/ 2002

The Gift of Taraaweeh  Dedication This translation of the Quraan is dedicated to all the Huffaadh and Imaams who lead the Taraaweeh salaah and who wish to cast their lives as well as the lives of the entire Ummah into the mould that Rasululllaah (sallAllaahu-alayhi-wa-sallam) was sent with. This Qur’aan prescribes a complete way of life which will ensure the well being of any nation. Rasululllaah (sallAllaahualayhi-wa-sallam) said, “Verily Allaah elevates nations by means of this Qur’aan and disgraces others thereby.” [Muslim]

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