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How a Lifeless Object has become Our ‘Most Beloved’!


By M.B. Ahmed

Almost 30 years ago a digital device called the SMARTPHONE was invented!

In a short period of time this lifeless entity has taken the entire humanity by storms! In fact its popularity is so widespread that there almost isn’t a single human being who does not know what a Smartphone is!


Given below is a brief Biography of the Smartphone

It is an amazing portable device that combines mobile phone and computing functions into one unit.

It is distinguished from a feature phone by its stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating system which facilitates wider software, internet (including web browsing and mobile broadband) and multimedia functionality (including music, video, camera, and gaming), alongside core phone functions such as voice calls and text messaging.


Its Popularity

Although it is usually pocket-sized and its screen is quite small, it is by far the Most Popular Digital Device in the entire world!

It has 3.5 Billion Users worldwide!

From a study of 11,000 users of ‘RescueTime’ app it was found that, on average, people spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on viewing its screen!

If a nickname was to be given to a Smartphone it could have been ‘Time-Stealer’!


Our Attachment to it

Its advent has brought a massive transformation in human life and people from all walks of life have become immensely attached to it.

From a seven-year-old (and below) to a seventy-year-old (and above), from a tycoon to a beggar, from a highly professional person to the most illiterate one, males as well as females, all have fallen head over heels in love with it, and they all remain ‘glued’ to it most of the time.

Without any doubt it has become the most favourite object for all humans, so much so that some people have become more attached to it than even to their own spouses!

In some cases, it has acquired a higher place in the hearts of some mothers than even their own babies! A mother caresses her Smartphone more often than she caresses her baby. Its falling from her hand would panic her more than the falling of her most beloved baby!

Many of the humans have more love and intimacy for it than a toddler has for his teddy bear, or any other favourite toy of his!

Many of us sacrifice our romantic conversations with our beloved spouses, our sleep, our snoring, and our dreams for it.

Wherever we go we never miss carrying it with us. Some of us carry it even to our washrooms!


Our Addiction to It

There are many writers who talk about the evils of addiction but when it comes to Smartphone addiction they prefer to remain silent.


Because they themselves might be addicted to it.

Surprisingly, there are many who are not even aware they are addicted to it!


How Human Behaviour has Drastically Changed 

People who used to smile while they were alone used to be called ‘insane’ until the Smartphone was invented.

Now the scenario is totally different!

When some people are holding it in their hands they do not only smile, they act in a variety of other very funny and crazy manners.

Enter any home and you will notice each member of the family deeply engrossed in his or her own Virtual Worldthrough their Smartphones!


Its Greatest Admirer

Its Greatest and Number One admirer of course is Shaytan.

His reasons?

It has become the commonest and the most widespread means of committing sins for humans.  Sins like watching pornographic stuff, making friends with members of the opposite sex, listening to music, watching Islamically undesirable pictures/videos, playing video games, wasting time on social media and getting involved in other futile activities, have become many people’s most favourite pastimes.

In the past when people went to the Masjid, the Sacred House of Allah, or came out in the path of Allah they used to leave their Duniya behind them and Shaytan used to get really annoyed.

But now whenever they go to the Masjid to worship Allah or come out in the path of Allah, they bring their entire Duniya in their pockets by carrying their Smartphones with them and this has really pleased Shaytan.

In short, A Smartphone has become a very great and matchless means of opening the Floodgates of Sin and Evil for humans.


Not the Fault of this Gadget

Shaytan’s immense love for it is certainly not its fault! A Smartphone is only a lifeless entity and it has absolutely no control over the people who use it as per their whims and desires.

Allah has endowed us with body organs like our eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs etc. We are free to use them as per our naf’s desires. We can use them to please our Lord or we can use them to please Shaytan.

The same rule applies to a Smartphone. It is just like one of our body parts. We can utilize it for a good purpose or for an evil one.


A Strong Advice to all Muslims 

Islam is a very special gift that has been granted to us, O Muslims.

We are the Ummah of the greatest person that ever existed in the entire history of the universe. That person of course is Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alayhi Wasallam).

We have to value Islam by constantly remembering our Creator, obeying His commands as per the Qur’an Kareem and following the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alayhi Wasallam).

If our attention is focused on the Smartphone screen most of the time then when will we get the time to remember our Creator, to make His Zikr, to recite the Qur’an Kareem?

When will we manage to get concentration, Khushu’ and Khudhu’ (humility and humbleness) in our Salah?

It is strongly advised that we should limit the time we spend on its use. It should not be that because people all around us are solely interested in gazing at the Smartphone screen most of the time, we should also get sucked into that sinful cycle! We should not be among the flock of people who ‘go with the flow’!

Rather we should be amongst those who place Deen in front of their desires.

Use it only when its use is indispensable, like communicating with people, our work/profession and our study demands etc.


Reciting Qur’an from an app

Some of us recite Qur’an Kareem using a Smartphone instead of a Mus’haf.

It is okay to do so.

However, by doing so, aren’t we missing the opportunity to hold the Sacred Mus’haf containing Qur’an text only?

Remember, a Smartphone is a multimedia tool and it contains some very weird, undesirable, worldly stuff. Why shouldn’t we recite Allah’s Kalaam from the Mus’haf which has such a high status that we cannot hold it without a Wudhu?

Aren’t we also missing the opportunity to occasionally kiss the Qur’an?

Some of us recite the Qur’an from our Smartphones even when we are in Allah’s Sacred House, the Masjid, where copies of the Mus’haf are placed on the shelves.


What the Sahabah Loved the Most?

While in this Digital Era, the smartphone has become our favourite thing, one of the questions that might come to our minds is: What did the Sahabah prefer the most during their period?

During the Iraq expedition, in the war with an army led by Rustam, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas (Radhi’Allahu ‘anhu) was facing very heavy odds. However, he had full confidence in Allah. When both the armies were ready to fight, he sent a message to Rustam, which read:

“Rustam! There are people with me to whom death (in the path of Allah) is more attractive than is wine to the people in your army.”

Ask the people who are addicted to liquor, how much they love to taste it. The Sahabah loved to meet death in the path of Allah even more. This was the chief cause of their success.  

The above episode proves that one of the deeds they preferred the most was of course embracing Martyrdom (Shahadat)!

What was the reason for such a choice?

Obviously to please Allah!

We humans should also make our choices of the worldly things and acts with the intention of pleasing Allah Subhanah wa Ta’ala only.


Final Word

There is absolutely no doubt that a Smartphone has many Plus Points and its coming into this world has made our worldly life very convenient and comfortable.

However, please don’t let it become the means of creating a distance between us and our Rabb! 

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