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Inanda Housing Project Report – March 2022


A Dream Come True!


Sheikh Ismail Dlamini is an active member of the Inanda community who takes a lead on many of the dawah projects in the area.


In the early part of the year, Sheikh Ismail undertook a project to assist an elderly lady of 80 years of age. Sheikh learnt that she was living in a dilapidated house together with her daughter and grandson who are both mentally challenged. Sheikh Ismail along with his wife, visited the home and found the living conditions to be extremely poor. The condition of the home were so sad, that it reduced Sheikh and his wife to tears.


The house was primarily constructed from mud, with electrical wiring and roof sheeting hanging to the floor. A portion of the house had no roof and rain would pour in during heavy rains. During heavy downpours the family would be forced to leave the house, being afraid the house would fall or collapse above their heads.



Witnessing such poor conditions, Sheikh took on the task to arrange for a new home to be built for the family. Sheikh’s vision was to build a new block house in place of the dilapidated mud house. Gaining support from the local community, Sheikh prepared a team of youngsters, to start construction of the new house. The initial stages of construction went well with the basic foundation and construction being built.


Despite the zeal to progress, Sheikh was faced with financial challenges. The need to purchase materials, in order to complete the structure as planned, became a challenge. For this reason, Sheikh made contact with the Project H.E.L.P coordinator requesting assistance.


The Project H.E.L.P Team carried out an onsite inspection to determine the scope of the work and the materials required. A builder was commissioned to assist with the completion of the structure, plastering, painting and installation of plumbing, toilet, shower and electrics.


Once the house was completed, the following items were also provided:


  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Stove
  • Tables and Chairs


The elderly lady was overjoyed and lost for words when she saw her new home along with the furniture and kitchen appliances. From living in a mud house with no facilities, she now had a solid structure with bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.



For this lady it was truly ‘A dream come true!’


May Allah Ta’ala reward Sheikh Ismail for his tireless efforts in making this project a reality. May Allah Ta’ala also reward all those that contributed their time and money to make this project the success it was, Ameen.


Project H.E.L.P Team



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