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Israeli Terrorism

Tom Brennan

A few days ago a friend wondered on FB how or why the public majority stayed silent while the Nazis killed so many innocent people or corralled them into deathcamps & ghettos. The answer is right under our noses.

This evening Israeli snipers shot an 8 year old kid. Eight years old. Because he was a Palestinian child. Thats my eight year old. Or yours. Snipers slowly, deliberately and methodically line up their target, always far removed & undisturbed from the noise – in this case in specially made bunkers safely outside a fortified militarised wall & barbed wire fence – and then, only when they have a clear & uninterrupted view-they pull the trigger. Last weekend they shot an 11 year old and a 14 year old child. Methodically and deliberately. This year alone Israeli snipers have killed over 170 civilians, including medics, reporters, children, and yesterday – a 78 year old farmer- & injured over 15000 – FIFTEEN THOUSAND CIVILIANS. There isnt a single piece of verifiable evidence to suggest one of them were armed. Even if they were so – they were still deliberately extrajudicially executed. There is not one single valid excuse to justify this.

Yet the world remains silent. WE remain silent.

Western governments & their media mouthpieces havent reported a single incident of these children’s killings – far less that 500 Palestinian children have been illegally abducted, incarcerated, tortured & abused this year alone. Indeed any reporting that is broadcast always includes the words ‘conflict’ ‘border’ ‘clashes’ or ‘Hamas’ and is in the passive form (a Palestinian was killed today in clashes) -thereby deflecting from the culpability & factuality of the event.There isn’t a border – thats a deflection & misnomer – it is an illegal militarised wall& fence designed to surround& enclose the people of Gaza in an ever tightening prison with nothing or nobody getting in or out unless given permission by Israel. If it were really a border then they would be admitting that Palestine is another state. “Clashes” – it is nearly impossible to clash with Israeli forces in Gaza- they are surrounded, penned in on all sides by military walls & barbed wire no-go zones & couldn get near enough to their Israeli prison captors even if they wanted to, to clash. They are peaceful protests by people who want basic human rights, dignity and justice – and to go home to the villages & farms they were forced from to make way for foreign immigrants from Brooklyn, France, Ukraine and elsewhere – who left full rights,citizenship & protections & were subsidised& incentivised to go there as a lifestyle choice. They have even been shot at by Israeli gunboats when they held peace vigils on the beach. It had nothing to do with Hamas, despite what the western media will tell us-it was designed as a community and family oriented protest with tents, facilities, face painting, discussions, etc – they didnt and dont want violence or to be killed from afar.

Yet there is silence.

There is silence when US & Saudi collaboration starves& bombs up to 20 million innocent civilians in Yemen for geopolitical games& profit. Or in Syria when mass graves of civilians killed by the so called ‘moderate rebels’ ( previously known as extremist militants from Al Queda& DAESH but armed , trained and supported by US, UK,France and Israel) are uncovered.
How many 9/11’s are committed by Western governments, their allies or their bombs & weapons every week in poorer parts of the globe but remain unreported by our media? And the majority of public remain silent.

Yet there is (rightfully) uproar when female celebrities come bravely forward with accusations& harrowing stories of abuse, brutality or sexual molestation by predatory males who have power.

If it is not ok to molest or sexually assalt someone because of their gender, orientation or appearance (definitely), it is definitely not okay to murder, rape, abuse, rob, threaten, terrorise, abduct or imprison anyone, but especially children and to either silence any questioning or disapproval of this or to deflect from & incriminate anyon who tries to raise their voice about it. You can’t be pro rights for some but not for others. There is no middle ground. Human rights are for everyone -regardless of ethnic, religious, sexual, or economic background, nationality or physical appearance – there is no middle ground.
Where is the “Me too” or “I am xxxx” ( insert Palestinian/Yemeni/Syrian/Papua/ Muslim/ immigrant, indigenous Austrailian or American, etc etc) labels FB pages, celebrity campaigns or political solidarities by white western governments?
While it is impossible to keep up with or support every injustice or oppression – it IS possible to challenge the root causes of the vast majority of these by challenging our own local politicians, local& wider media, who excuse,deflect from & support war, oppression& bombing, or the shops, products or businesses which deal with, profit from or support regimes, injustice or repression, and to unite against the narrative of our elected officials and how they attempt to manipulate public opinion through their distortion of information- to us-the people who elected them, whom they swore to serve and whose wages & very generous allowances we pay?

So PLEASE – if in 30 years, our children or grandchildren ask ” why did we allow so many innocent people be killed” – when the truth about their hideous killing and oppression was freely available – let us not say that we didn’t know or it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Let us not say we turned our heads away and thought “what can I ever do that’ll make any difference?” or “someone else can do something about it, I can’t”.. etc…
Because the day WILL come when these questions are asked, just as my friend asked about the silence of the majority 80 years ago. If we remain silent we not only condone the oppressors& perpetrators – we also invite the situation to escalate and to come back to our own comfy doorsteps. We are all inextricably linked and dependent on both this planet and each other. We can’t close our eyes, turn our backs or ignore& pretend that the problem will go away or that someone else will do something. And we can’t blindly believe our governments & their strategic self serving narratives & interests which oppose anything that might lead to real change – and them losing power or profit. Can you imagine the difference If our governments had stood up against the lies & manufactured excuses that bombed and obliterated so so many countries & innocent people from North Korea and Japan to Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Chile, Syria, Vietnam, Honduras, India, Kenya, Greece,Algeria, Congo, South Africa, Afghanistan. ..and to corporations like Monsanto, Shell, Nestlé, etc etc etc? Have the legacies from these influenced& impacted us far away in safety? Yes. In so, so many different ways…

Yet only when the people -the majority stood up – did the media & the government listen.

Can we afford to stay silent any longer? NO.

So PLEASE dear friends, raise your voices & hands – write, call, unite,join up, sing, shout,dance, act, blog, film, march, run, make, do – anything – but DONT BE PART OF A SILENT MAJORITY…WHO ALLOWS CHILDREN BE SHOT OR ABUSED; HOMES TO BE DEMOLISHED; WATER TO BE POISONED; VILLAGES TO BE BOMBED, FORESTS, HOMES, LIVES& HABITATS TO BE DESTROYED.

To remain silent is to support the culprits.

Thank you for reading this far.
With love, peace and light.

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