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Jamiatul Ulama KZN Skills Development Centre (SDC) – Fourth Annual Jalsa


24 JULY 2018/ 10 Dhul Qadha 1439


Alhumdulillah, the SDC was the venue for the fourth annual Jalsa. The Jalsa was extremely well attended by our friends, well-wishers, volunteers, donors and respected Muallimahs.



“Empowerment” is the word that encapsulates all that the SDC offers to its students. Students are equipped with daily motivation, support and encouragement to become a better version of themselves whilst also becoming self-sufficient and independent through skills development.


Besides the skills development, a major portion of the program is spent on spiritual development and upliftment which includes etiquette, character and social upliftment. Short, informal courses on time management, life skills and business management also form part of this holistic development of each and every SDC student.


Whilst this background was explained to the audience, it was complemented with a visual power-point presentation. Visuals included the arts, crafts, and cooking demonstrations as well as Nikah luncheon of two students who made their union halaal, Alhamdulillah. The demographics of the class was also brought to the attention of the audience showing their diverse backgrounds and ethnicity with both local and foreign students attending the SDC program.



The programme then moved on to getting to know the students. Each student took to the podium to express in their own words their heartfelt emotions. Despite the challenges at home, they expressed how the SDC helped to uplift and empower them with a new lease on life. Words cannot express this emotional and heart-breaking segment. All the students expressed having now found a purpose to their existence.


Presentation of framed certificates were awarded to the delighted students. Some parting words and advises were then shared with our beloved students.


Alhamdulillah, through the grace and supreme mercy of Allah, we welcomed four sisters to the Deen.


May Allah Ta’ala make this a means of guidance for all those involved and may He accept the efforts of everyone who contributed in any way. Ameen



Below is the story of one of the students, sister Amina, depicting the difficult life she experienced prior to her enrolment into the SDC.


With a lump in her throat and tears threatening to fall, our brave student Amina took the audience on her journey of darkness, emptiness and regret to finding hope and purpose to her existence. She bravely related her story beginning with the words, “I was born Muslim but I was bad, I did bad things and I never wanted to listen.” Her gaze fixated on the audience, she continued with renewed vigour wanting to bare all and finally feel free of the burden and guilt she felt all along.

Amina further explained that from a young age she rebelled against her family especially her mum showing disrespect and arrogance. At the tender age of 14 years, a child herself, she gave birth to a baby. This added responsibility didn’t deter her from engaging in drinking and other haram activities. In other words she did anything to ‘ruffle feathers at home’ and show her disobedience. In the midst of all this pain, turmoil and chaos on the home front, her mum would always make Dua that she find a good Muslim husband who will lead her on the straight path. She recalled how her mum very gently told her about the skills development centre, its activities and how it could help her to empower herself. Allah inspired her and she was willing to join the SDC programme.

With a heavy heart she related how her mum fell victim to a tragic car accident that claimed her life at the beginning of this year and she returned to Allah. The room fell silent and the hearts of the audience embraced Amina’s silent tears.  Allah surely tests those whom He loves. Amina expressed how happy her mum would have been had she seen the “new Amina” and how the SDC gave her the tools to blossom into an independent Muslima. Heartfelt appreciation was given to all the volunteers who showed them love and compassion but most importantly showed them how beautiful they are and how strong they can be.

May Allah grant Amina’s mum the highest stages in Jannah and fill her Qabr with Noor. Ameen


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