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EA wealthy trader was one day clearing some of his old correspondence letters.He came across a letter he received about 6 months earlier, from a man whose small furniture making business was failing. This man had written a letter to the wealthy trader asking for advice. The wealthy trader had written a reply at that time, with advice to the furniture maker on how to improve his business.

Reading the letter once again the wealthy trader decided to write another letter:

” Dear Brother.
As I was clearing out my desk, I came across the letter u wrote to me 6 months ago.I hope things in ur business have in sha Allah improved. Reading ur letter reminded me of my earlier days when I first started out.It was a mighty struggle & many times I thought of giving up. I was heavily in debt & I could not afford to shut down my business. Eventually I managed to get one client then another, from there my business really took off & I have never looked back. So my friend, my message to u is never ever give up. In the end the struggle will have been worth it, the fruits of success will taste that much sweeter, & Allah is with those who have Sabr (patience & fortitude) at times of difficulty.

A year went by & the wealthy trader received another letter from the same man. In his busy life he had forgotten about him & was completely amazed when he read the letter.

It said.

” I would like to thank u for saving my life, a year ago my business was not running I was heavily in debt & my creditors were breathing down my neck demanding repayment of their loans. To add further I was struck by illness, I felt completely drained both emotionally & physically. I was in total despair & was thinking seriously of taking my own life , By the grace of Allah the day I was planning to commit suicide is the same day I received ur letter. U told me of ur own struggles & advised me to never give up, that things would eventually improve. After reading your letter I felt re-energised.

I thought if this man went through the same struggle as I am to achieve success then things can’t really be that bad. Well a year on , alhamdulilah business is booming, my life has improved beyond my wildest dreams all thanks to ur kind words of support.”

The wealthy trader had no idea his words would have had such an impact, he just wrote that letter out of human sympathy but he ended up saving a man’s life. اللّه Subhana Ta’ala had used his words of kindness to help save the other mans life.

Something to Ponder:

How often do we take time to offer encouragement & support to a close relative ,let alone a complete stranger. We hear from others how our relatives, friends & colleuges are going through difficult times yet do we show any sincere sympathy or kindness? We are generous in our words of criticism & judgement but very miserly when it comes to offering words of kindness.

Do we ever show consideration towards others as we are going about our daily lives?
How many times have we felt slighted , when we for example have come across a miserable shop assistant or a cashier in a store? Do we ever stop to think that person may be miserable because they have had a bad day or perhaps facing other difficulties in their personal lives , do we ever consider excusing their behaviour & instead smiling & saying a few kind words.

Even in situations when we do offer support, we often forget about the other person after a few days. Weeks pass & we never think of contacting that person to see if things have improved or if they need any further help. This often happens to widows & divorcees. They are supported initially but then left to fend for themselves.

Smiling when we greet others, offering words of kindness & compassion are from the Sunnah of our Beloved Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi wasallam. Yet we completely fail to act in accordance to them.

May اللّه Subhana Ta’ala give us all the tawfeeq to make kindness & compassion part of our lives.
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