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Beautiful Incidents of Our Beautiful Master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

durood1The Prophet’s sallallahu wa Sallam method in general was to be tolerant. That way he used to enjoy his life. Sometimes, he would go to his family in the morning, whilst feeling hungry. He would ask them, “Do you have anything to eat?”
They would say, “No.” He would say, “In that case, I will fast.”
He didn’t use to cause problems due to that. He didn’t use to say, “Why don’t you cook something? Why don’t you tell me
so I can buy it for you?” Rather, he would say, “In that case, I am fasting”, and that would be the end of the matter.
He would deal with everyone in a very tolerant fashion.

Kulthum bin al-Husayb was one of the best the Companions.
He said, “I went out on the expedition of Tabuk with the Messenger of Allah and one night I was travelling with him
the valley of al-Akhdar.”Kulthum then mentioned the rest of the story where they walked for quite long, until sleep began to overcome him, and as they rode, his camel kept getting closer to the Prophet’s camel. Upon noticing, he would suddenly wake up and pull his camel away fearing his camel’s saddle may brush against the Prophet’s foot. At one point, he was overcome by sleep, and his camel collided into the Prophet’s camel, and his saddle brushed against the Prophet’s foot. The Prophet  felt the pain and let out a sigh. Kulthum woke up upon hearing the sigh and became embarrassed and said, “O Messenger of Allah! Ask Allah for my forgiveness!” The Prophet  demonstrated tolerance and said, “Carry on… Carry on…”

Yes, this was all he said. He didn’t turn it into a scene, saying “Why did you collide into me? The path is spacious! Why are you riding next to me, anyway?” No. He did not trouble himself. It was just a hit on the leg, and that was it.This was always his way of dealing with things.


Once he was sitting with his Companions and there came a woman with a cloak. She said, “O Messenger of Allah! I wove it by my hands for you to wear.” The Prophet  took it, as he was in need of it. He got up, left for his house, wore it as a lower garment and came out to his Companions.
A man from amongst the people said, “O Messenger of Allah! Please, allow me to wear it!”
The Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam said, “Certainly,” and instantly returned home, took it off and folded it up, wore his old lower garment and sent the new one to the man. The people said to the man, “What you did was not right! You asked him for it, knowing that he never refuses whoever asks him for anything!”
The man said, “By Allah, I did not ask him except that it should be my burial shroud the day I die.”When the man died, his family shrouded him in that garment.
How beautifully were people affected by this treatment!

Once, the Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam  led his Companions in ‘Isha prayer.
Meanwhile, two children entered the mosque, al-Hasan and al-Husayn, the two sons of Fatimah. They headed straight for their grandfather, the Messenger of Allah  while he was praying.Whenever he prostrated, al-Hasan and al-Husayn would jump on his back. When he wanted to raise his head, he would gently grab them, take them off his back and make them both sit next to him. When he returned to prostrate, they would jump back on his back. When he finished his prayer, he took them both gently and sat them on his thigh. Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – then got up and said, “O Messenger of Allah! Shall I take them back?” meaning, shall I return them to their mother? But the Prophet was in no hurry to return them. He remained for a while until he saw lightning and heard thunder from the sky. He then said to them both, “Go back to your mother.” The two children then left and went back to their mother. (Narrated by Ahmad. Al-Haythami said, ‘the narrators are trustworthy’)


On a different occasion, the Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam went out with his Companions to either pray Dhuhr or ‘Asr, while he was holding al-Hasan or al-Husayn. He walked to the place of prayer, sat the child down and initiated the prayer by saying the Takbeer. When the Prophet  fell into prostration, he stayed there longer than usual such that the Companions thought that perhaps something might have happened to him. He then raised his head from prostration. After the prayer was concluded, his Companions asked him,“O Messenger of Allah! In this prayer you prostrated the way you never have before. Is there anything you were ordered with by Allah? Or were you receiving revelation?”
The Prophet said, “It was none of that. But my son was riding on my back and I disliked that I should take him off so quickly,
so I waited until he had finished.” (al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak, classified Sahih)

He once visited Umm Hani bint Abi Talib – may Allah be pleased with her – whilst he was hungry. He said, “Do you have any food I can eat?” She replied, “Nothing but dry bread, and I am too embarrassed to give it to you.”
He said, “Bring it.” She brought it, broke it into pieces in water, and brought some salt and spread it all over it. The Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam  began to eat this bread soaked with water. He then turned to Umm Hani and said, “Do you have anything to be eaten with bread?” She said, “I do not have anything, O Messenger of Allah, except some vinegar.”
He said, “Bring it.” She brought it and poured it over his food, and the Prophet ate from it. He then thanked Allah and said, “How good is vinegar with bread!”
Yes, he used to live his life as it was, and accepted the reality as it was.


On his journey to Hajj, the Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam set out with his Companions and stopped over somewhere. The Prophet made ablution from after which he got up and prayed. There came Jabir bin ‘Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – and he stood to the left of the Messenger of Allah, said the Takbeer and initiated his prayer with him. Thereupon, the Prophet took him by his hand and gently moved him to his right, and they both continued with the prayer.
There also came Jabbar bin Sakhr – may Allah be pleased with him. He made ablution, and stood to the left of the Messenger
of Allah . The Prophet  took the two by their hands gently and pushed them slightly back until they were praying behind
him. (al-Bukhari)

One day, whilst the Prophet  sallallahu wa Sallamwas sitting down, there came to him Umm Qays bint Muhsin with her newborn in order that the Prophet would chew some date and rub therewith the soft palate of the child for blessings (Tahnik), and pray for him. The Prophet took him and placed him on his lap. It was not long before the baby urinated in the lap of the Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam and made his garment wet. All the Prophet sallallahu wa Sallam did then was to call for some water and spray over the affected area of his garment, and that was the end of the matter. (al-Bukhari)

He did not become angry or frown. So why should we torture ourselves by making a mountain out of a molehill? Not everything
that happens to you must be to your liking 100%.

May Allah Taala grant us the True Love of Our Beloved Master, King and Leader sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam.



When you think of the Messenger of ALLAH, you think of someone who lived a FULL and HAPPY life, always smiling. Yet, his life could have easily been framed to be one of misfortune and sadness, for if anyone had a reason to be sad, it would have been him (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam).

Orphan, widower, survived six children..it goes on..it reminds us of the true reality of tests and pain, for they are all aspects of a world that is by definition imperfect and temporary that we may aspire to go to where there is no fear or grief ever again.


You never saw your fathers face,

or knew the warmth of your mothers embrace,

Your grandfathers heart burned with concern,

Yet death would come to him in turn,

None to look up to, so you cast your vision to the sky,

When you speak the truth, it hurts when they say you lie,

Doesn’t it? Yet you move on, take it all in stride,

The honest Prophet who by his own people is belied,

With only two pillars of support, an uncle and a perfect wife,

And in the same year, each one would lose their life

Jibreel gave Khadijah his salaam, told her of a house in paradise,

but an Angel other than him, came to your house to collect its price.

You went to Taif, seeking support for the message you need to spread,

They laughed at you, and sent their kids to stone you until you bled.

At Uhud you were deserted, so they struck you with vicious blows,

and rumors were spread about ‘Aa’ishah, that caused pain that Allaah only knows,

Your close cousin Ja’far’s absence was finally ended, from Abyssinia he would come,

But in one day, he would be martyred with Zayd your adopted son,

And Ruqayyah would pass away, and Umm Kalthoum as well,

You held Ibraheem in your hands, with a heart that breaks and eyes that swell,

Death would ask permission to take your soul but not the souls of those you love,

And you never expressed distress to the tests that came from up above,

The trials made you strong, and for Allah’s perfect company you would yearn,

For it is to Allah that we belong, and to Him is our return.

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