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Liberal Secular Imperialism

This completely makes sense according to the logic of the secular nation state, and we see this logic repeated by policy makers in many countries.


Consider this line of thought:



Why should parents have any influence on the upbringing of their children?

The influence of parents often violates a child’s individual, personal rights. Raising a child according to a certain religion or ideology violates a child’s right to choose what to believe and what to follow. Parents use their influence on children to indoctrinate them and this indoctrination leaves lasting marks which prevent them from being able to exercise truly independent, free thinking when they reach maturity. Therefore, the state needs to protect the individual rights of children by limiting the ability of parents to violate those rights.


At first, this is done by telling parents what they can and can’t do in terms of dressing their children. Banning infant circumcision is another obvious step. Banning physical discipline (spanking) is also necessary. But that’s only the beginning of the secular logic.


If we take this logic to its ultimate conclusion, parents must be banned from exposing their children to any religious teaching, since that is all indoctrination. Teaching children about heaven and hell is child abuse. Teaching children about satan is indoctrinating them. Teaching children about appropriate behavior with the opposite sex is “sexualization” and clearly abusive. And so forth.


Parents cannot be given the opportunity to indoctrinate children. Only the state can be trusted with educating children and making sure that they grow up with the necessary cognitive skills and educational background to be able to practice free choice. It is the responsibility of the state to preserve choice and, thus, preserve freedom and equality.



What measures can the state take to accomplish this?


Clearly, the state needs to reduce parent’s access to their children. Make schooling mandatory from a very young age until adulthood (where schools implement the state curricular standards). Extend school hours to take up nearly the whole day. Beef up Child Protective Services and expand the definitions of abuse so that more children can be taken from parents and brought under state care in state institutions. And so forth.


This is how secular states defend freedom of choice and inherent human rights. And any nation that does not similarly protect children is violating human rights, is violating freedom and equality and must be sanctioned. And if sanctions do not work, we need to consider military intervention because we are not going to sit idly by while children are being abused and sexualized by these dirty Muslims.


This is the dystopia that liberal secularism calls us to. This is the history of liberal secular imperialism for the past two centuries.

Daniel Haqiqatjou

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