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Looking for manure in the rose garden-Homosexuality in Islam

by Maulana Khalid Dhorat

Once, while on your way to Durban, you decide to take a back road in order to avoid the toll gates. As you are driving, you unexpectedly come across a small town which has a huge supermarket named: “Gay Market.” Not really sure what to expect, you enter. Seeing milk in a refrigerator, you study the label which reads: “Delicious milk from homosexual cows.” The honey on the shelf next to it reads: “Choice Grade: Same-Sex bees of the Sweet Valley.”  Quite dazed at all this, you stumble upon a bar of chocolate which reads: “This product was produced in a factory which does not discriminate between straight, crooked.” In the butchery section, the meat is graded A, B and C. A-Grade is the rear of the animal, B-Grade is the head, whilst C-Grade is all other body parts.

Will you ever shop in such a supermarket? Chances are that you will bolt from there and will never take this back road again, even if the toll fees go up to R1000-. If we cannot expect nor accept unnatural sexual behaviour amongst animals, how can Muslims ever tolerate it amongst us and within humanity at large? The Almighty Himself has stigmatised this shameful practice in  the Qur’an, but mankind is going to great lengths in not only de-stigmatising this outrageous practice, but in many countries of the world, gay marriages and divorces are now being legalised. Over 200 gay marches are held in broad daylight across the globe annually, the biggest of which attracts over 3.5 million perverts in Sãu Pãulo, Brazil. In South Africa, Cape Town is regarded as the Pervert Capital of Africa. In our streets, we witness obese women with purple spiked hair dancing around on one leg, men with rabbit ears eating turnips or with turkey feathers planted in their behinds, naked people with black paint all over their face kissing each other … all disgustingly parading banners and floats giving the impression that they are merrily walking down the street straight to hell.

Mankind arrogantly thinks that he can override the law of the Throne with his pen, but he does not know what punishment is in store for him in both the worlds – both for the homosexuals and for those who condone it. Till today, the Dead Sea in Jordan is a living testimony of how the Almighty punished the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for their homosexuality. The bottom of the Dead Sea reaches some 800 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point of earth. The corpses of those perverts are thus at the lowest point on earth, since they had committed the lowest and most brazen act of humanity. The Almighty first caused a rain of fire to scald them to ashes, followed by an earthquake that first lifted them up into the sky, and dropped them face down on the earth. Later on, the adjoining valley poured its water over this city, burying it’s people deeper and deeper, but preserving the underground city with its salty water (30% salinity) for generations to take lesson.

But does humanity take a lesson? No. Instead, some accursed people have come up with the idea that the water of the Dead Sea has healing powers. Various lotions and soaps are made with this water for people suffering from different types of ailments. Why don’t such people also throw 30% salt in their food and see how it tastes? Some also advocate that swimming in the Dead Sea is safer than any ocean as it is impossible for you to drown, and you will also be cured from many sicknesses. Only the devil can delight at the place where the wrath of the Almighty descended. Having a drop of such cursed water touching your skin is like a certificate of hell. Muslims should know this well!

The consequences of accepting unnatural sexual behaviour as normal, is simply disastrous. The Constitution of Allah prohibits it, even though the constitution of many secular countries legalise it. If the trend continues, shortly Muslims will be faced with the dilemma of whether to refuse gays in our Masjids and Muslim Schools or not – unless of course if gays start building their own Masjids. Imams who refuse to solemnise gay marriages will be imprisoned, we may be forced to create separate sections in our restaurants for gays wishing to have a “halaal” meal, and some of our amusing Muftis will even issue a fatwa that it is more rewarding to slaughter a homosexual sheep for Qurbani!!!

According to Islam, whether a person is married or not, such behaviour is not acceptable. A married man may not abuse his wife by using the wrong passage. Such a wife may refuse him and even charge her husband with abuse. Further, an unmarried woman looking for fun cannot indulge in this in order to deviously protect her chastity for marriage. According to a hadith, such people will be punished in that they will never achieve satisfaction in their entire married life. According to another hadith, a person convicted of indulging such an act, and the person on whom it was committed, should both be killed. The reason for such a harsh punishment is that homosexuality is not only a vice, it is addictive – just like drugs, wine and pornography.

The argument that some people are naturally born with homosexual tendencies is downright ridiculous. Almighty is perfect in His creation. A baby may be born with some physical deformities, but the Almighty surely cannot mistake placing female hormones in a male body or vice versa. A seed may be defective, but no one will expect apples after planting pear seeds – well unless if you are gay. Mankind can confuse the positive from the negative when jump starting a car, but our Almighty is above such blunders. The problem is with our shameless society and upbringing.

There are three reasons why the shameful practice of homosexuality has spread so rapidly in modern times:

  1. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), some 1400 years ago, advised men not to look at the privates of men, nor women to look at the privates of women, and not to sleep under one cover with the same sex without being fully dressed. Not adhering to this piece of advice is the start of all homosexual and lesbian behaviour. Let‘s not blame the Almighty if we crossed our own wires! Boys and girls, today, think it is cool to stare at their privates for hours on end in the isolation of their homes. They secretly compare their privates with those of others in gyms or in beachfront bathrooms. They also study the anatomy in detail in magazines and on the internet. Many schools too, expose children to sex from a very young age. All this leads to unnatural stimulation and experimentation, which they then regard as normal;
  2. The second reason for the spread of homosexuality is the western tendency of avoiding the responsibility of raising a family, and undergoing the challenges of domestic life. However, such people want to also experience the pleasures of intimacy and the joys of parenthood. Married life has its challenges, but introducing a new challenge whereby the child doesn’t know who is mum or who is dad is simply ridiculous. Such people want their bread buttered on both sides, and even toasted! Their reward to humanity for such behaviour is that homosexuals are the primary carriers of the deadly AIDS virus, for which modern medicine has absolutely no cure;
  3. The third reason is to be blamed on fashion and the cosmetic industry. Clothing is not only unisex – making male and female similar in their appearance, – but it has gone beyond that. The latest fashions depict men’s clothing as brighter and louder, whilst that of women to be even more brighter and louder. All this splash of colour has contributed to the confusion of people’s orientation. Adding to this, we now have vain men whose palms and chins -where the beard is supposed to grow,- are smoother than those of women. Their bathrooms cabinets are overflowing with all types of strange beauty potions, and they spend more hours in front of the mirror then women. All this obsession with the flesh has contributed much to the trend of homosexuality in modern times.

Our Noble Prophet is reported to have likened homosexuality as worse than adultery. Although there were no incidences of homosexuality in his time, it is said that in the time of the second caliph, Sayyadina ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, a colony of homosexuals in Syria, and he ordered that they all be burnt to death. Homosexuals are people, that when they enter a restaurant and are given a choice of what to eat, they will choose filth over the fish. They will drink the drain water instead of a lovely glass of fresh orange juice. They are like pigs who enter in to a beautiful rose garden. Instead of smelling the fragrant roses and munching on the sweet petals, they will look for the manure in the sand, and instead eat that.

I liken such people to pigs for two reasons: Amongst animals, only the ass and the pig are homosexual, and according to a tradition of Sayyidina Abdullah ibn ‘Umar as narrated in Al-Hadiqatun Nadiyyah, such people will assume the actual form of monkeys and swine on the day of Judgement.

Let this evil practice never find acceptance in our midst, please.

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