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Love for Allah



Love is the main force that will cause us to move in the obedience of Allah. But the heat of this love has to be of a certain degree. When it reaches an optimum level we will be able to, for example, brave the cold and wake up for tahajjud. Tahajjud is not fardh. But the burning heat of love does not allow the lover to sleep through tahajjud. So optional worship comes through love. Without it, a believer will only do the bare minimum.

Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel (rahimahullah) would often say, this current of love can be likened to an electric current. For electricity, there must be positive and negative particles. Positive or negative alone is not sufficient to form a current. Likewise for the current of love, there has to be both the positive and negative. The positive is following Allah’s commands and the negative is to stay away from His disobedience. Allah’s divine love will flow in our bodies when *both* are in place.

In today’s time there is a great desire to do good, like building a masjid e.t.c. But when it comes to staying away from sins, we can’t seem to put a brake on our nafs.

So in summary, how do we increase our love for Allah, the ability to do good and stay away from evil sins? This strength will come by associating with good company.

Allah sent the Prophet (peace be upon Him) to mankind. He could have just sent the Quran or some angels. But the system of Allah is, there must be suhbat. This is why despite the Arabic language being a vast ocean, Allah chose the term “Sahaabah” for the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon Him), because being blessed with good company is the most honourable status man can attain. Without good company, it is very difficult for one to stay on siratul mustaqeem.

May we all increase in our love for Allah and benefit from the pious, Aameen


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