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Madrasah in Just 5 Minutes 22 Safar 1436



Translation edited by
Mufti A.H.Elias-May Allaah protect him
In the light of the Qur’aan and Ahadeeth

(1) Islaamic History


Taaloot and Jaaloot (Goliath)
When the habits and actions of the Bani Israa’eel started to become corrupted, Allaah gave the tyrannical king Goliath power over them. He oppressed them greatly and made them his slaves. Hadhrat Shamweel (AS) was the Nabi of the Bani Israa’eel at the time, but he had then grown extremely old. The Bani Israa’eel then approached him with the request to appoint a king over them so that they could wage Jihaad against Goliath. However, when Hadhrat Shamweel (AS) appointed Taaloot as their king by the command of Allaah, the Bani Israa’eel very reluctantly accepted the decision. When the armies of the Bani Israa’eel and Goliath clashed, it was a young Hadhrat Dawood (AS) who killed Goliath, thereby securing safety for the Bani Israa’eel from the tyrant. Because of his great feat, Hadhrat Dawood (AS) was appointed king of the Bani Israa’eel.
(2) Rasulullaah (SAW)’s Miracle


His fragrant perspiration
Hadhrat Anas (RA) reports, “When Rasulullaah (SAW) once had his siesta at our place, my mother started to collect some of his perspiration in a little glass container.

This woke Rasulullaah (SAW) up and he asked, ‘What are you doing, O Ummu Sulaym?’

She replied, ‘I am collecting some of your perspiration so that we may use it as perfume.’
[Muslim] (3) A Fardh


Women also need to pay zakaah
Addressing Muslim women, Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Establish Salaah, pay zakaah, and obey Allaah and His Rasool (SAW)”.
[Surah Ahzaab, verse 33] If a woman possesses wealth or gold or silver to the value of Nisaab, it will be Fardh (obligatory) for her to pay zakaah on it once it is in her possession for a complete year.
(4) A Du’aa from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW)


The du’aa to remain steadfast on Deen
The following du’aa should be recited for one to remain steadfast upon the actions of Deen:


ربَّنَا اغْفِرْ لَنَا ذُنُوبَنَا


 وَإِسْرَافَنَا فِي أَمْرِنَا


 وَثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَنَا 


وانصُرْنَا عَلَى الْقَوْمِ الْكَافِرِينَ


Rabbanagh-fir lanaa dhunoobanaa

 Wa is raafanaa Fee-amrinaa

Wathabb-bit aqdaamana 

Wan surnaa. Alal Qowmil kaafireen
TRANSLATION: O our Rabb, forgive us our sins and our transgressions (shortcomings) in our affairs (because of which we are suffering). Keep our feet firm (so that we remain committed to our Creator) and help us against the nation of Kaafiroon.
[Surah Aal Imraan, verse 147] (5) A Nafl 


The virtue of Aayatul Kursi
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “When a person recites Aayatul Kursi after every Fardh Salaah, it will only be death separating him from Jannah.”

(6) A Sin


Failure to act upon one’s knowledge
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “The person to suffer the worst punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah will be the Aalim who fails to benefit from his knowledge.”
[Kanzul Ummaal] It is necessary for each person to practise upon that amount of the Shari’ah that he knows. This severe warning has been sounded for people who fail to do this.
(7) This World


Adopting simplicity in this world
Rasulullaah (SAW) once said, “O Aa’isha! If you wish to meet me on the Day of Qiyaamah, then you should suffice with only that much of possessions as a traveller has. Keep away from the company of the wealthy ones and patch your old clothing and wear them.”
[Tirmidhi] (8) The Aakhirah


The appearance of the people of Jannah
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that the appearance of the first group to enter Jannah will be as resplendent as the 14th full moon and those after them will appear like the shining stars in the sky. They will all have the heart of a single person; free of malice and enmity. Each of them will have a pair of damsels of Jannah with such clear complexions that the marrow of their legs will be visible from outside.
[Bukhaari] (9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW)


Treating fever with cool water
Rasulullaah (SAW) advised that when a person is suffering from fever, cool water should be placed over the body for three nights.
[Mustadrak of Haakim] Even doctors today advise the use of a cloth dipped in cold water and placed over the forehead.
(10) Advice from Rasulullaah (SAW) 

Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “When any of you gets angry, he should sit down and if this does not cool his anger, he should lie down.”
[Abu Dawood]

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