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Masjid un Noor, Stanger



In the 1970’s, what was once an ordinary park in the Oceanview residential area of Kwadukuza (Stanger), was purchased by the Muslims of the area and a simple Musallah constructed from wood and iron was erected.



In the year 2004, the Musallah was converted into what is now a 600-person capacity Masjid called Masjid un Nur.



The current Imams are Mufti Talha Ershad Shaikh and Moulana Salmaan Kajee. Besides the daily Masjid programs conducted throughout the year by the Imams, other Ulama also run adult classes, Tajweed lessons and Zikr programs. A separate Maktab for children is adjacent to the Masjid.



The Masjid is managed by the committee of the KSSMC (Kwadukuza, Stanger Sunni Muslim Congregation) and also has a Ghusal facility which services the greater Kwadukuza and Ilembe region. We make Dua that Allah Ta’ala protect this Masjid, fill it with many more Musallees and accept all the good work being carried out herein.


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