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Masturbation Harms

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad D. I. Hom. (London)

Masturbation is the process of bringing about a voluntary excitement of the sexual centers following generally by the discharge of semen, through some method other than normal sexual intercourse. In other words, “Masturbation” means ejaculation of semen by hand. There are various devices resorted to for the purpose, but because of the hand to practise it, it is widely known as “Hand Practice”. This habit is also known as “Self-Abuse”, since it is done by one’s own self by his own hand.

There are exceptions, when masturbation is also done by some one else i. e., one engages one’s own wife for this act and rather prefers it even to normal coitus. This sort of device is found among those who are accustomed to hard friction and this habit is formed since childhood and therefore they cannot derive much thrill and pleasure from normal coitus. The other common device is to lie down on the abdomen and rubbing the penis against the pillow or the bed as if performing the sexual intercourse and to discharge semen with thrill and pleasure.

There is haradly any young man who does not masturbate at one time or the other. The self-abuse is the prime cause of various sexual disorders and it is one of the earliest abuses when a boy engages himself in this evil act. Masturbation has serious consequences since it drains the young men of his vital forces and in many case it causes impotency, if it is over-indulged. Therefore, parents are advised to keep a watch on their children against all possible factors which can tempt their children to masturbate.

Following are some of the causes which incites young men to undertake this evil practice :

The main cause is bad company, where children hear and discuss sexual topics and in the bad society they themselves engaged in masturbation collectively without any shame. This is the very first and wrong step which leads to many bad practices to play with the immature sexual organs at the very tender age. Since this evil act gives intense pleasure, they keep on doing quite regularly without knowing the adverse effects of the masturbation in the future to come. If this practice is over done, it ruins the matrimonial lives due to impotency.
Secondly, house servants also incite young boys to this vice by playing with their sexual organs. Thus, parents should keep an open eyes and they should not allow their children for longer hours to be with their domestic servants in seclusion. Furthermore, sending their boys to distant schools along with their young children, without any supervision, may also lead to similar consequences since servants can caress the children if they find lonely road or place. Further, young children should also not be carried on cycles in front of the servants or in a car beside the driver.
Not only domestic servants, but even young friends or relatives should be relied upon. Therefore, children should not be allowed to sleep on a common bed along with the relatives or friends as some of them may pollute the children or young boys.
It has also been found that in many instances, the young ones are taught the first sexual lesson by the maid-servants. Thus, boys should not be allowed to be with maid-servants in seclusion or to lie in the same bed.
The parents, in the best interest of the boy’s future, they should also take guard to avoid his boy to lying in the same bed with other young ladies who are separated from their husbands since it has also been noticed on several occasions that such ladies due to their ungratified sexual desire, they lure the boy to spoil him.
Furthermore, sleeping more than one children in the same bed should also be avoided, since they may handle one another’s male organ. Once they are habitual of this, they would like to masturbate in seclusion places like bathroom, latrine or in lonely places.
The parents should also take care not to indulge themselves in interecourse where the children are present since it is one of the prime cause of this evil as the children imitate their parents out of their curiosity.
Another cause which invites boy to masturbate is the uncleanliness of the genital organ, since collection of smegma in the pit of glans leads to sexual excitement in several cases. Therefore, daily cleanliness of the genital is needed.
The other cause of masturbation is rectal worms. The worms cause irritation to the anus and consequently it gives rise to erection of penis. In such circumstances, boy handles his penis which gives intense pleasure to masturbate and later it forms the habit of masturbation.

Over and above, following are also the causes to excite sexual organs to masturbate :
Chronic Constipation.
Excessive use of sour foods.
Excessive use of stimulating diets such as meat, eggs, tea, etc.
Seeing of sexual and love scenes in T. V., cinemas.
Reading of amorous literature, novels, etc.
Talking of sexual problems with young ladies in seclusion.

There is no definite age is fixed to commence this abuse since long before the attainment of puberty, boys have been found involved in this practice.

Once the habit of masturbation becomes the part and parcel of life, among young unmarried boy it may also resort to prostitution, which invites horrible venereal diseases.

Some of the after-effects of masturbation are :

The nervous system is affected the most.
Besides the heart, the digestive system, the urinary system as well as the other systems are adversely affected and consequently the whole body becomes the museum of diseases with profound weakness.
The eyes become sunken, the cheek bones protrude and there is a black rim round the eyes.
Continuous headache and backache.
Dizziness and loss of memory.
Palpitation of heart on lightest exertion.
Unable to perform any heavy physical or mental work.
The person dislikes any company and activities and rather likes to sit in seclusion and suffers from weakness.
All the senses are impaired.
Vision becomes dim, the tongue begins to stammer and ears tend to become deaf etc.
Lastly T. B. or insanity or some other serious disease catch hold of the victim to lead his life to a close.

Therefore, young men are advised to consult a qualified and honest homoeopathic practitioner for his expert advice and effective treatment instead of wasting his money with quacks. Further, those young men who are or have been engaged in the regular habits of masturbation should not ignore the necessity to consult the qualified homoeopaths to avoid sexual embarrassment at the time of marriage.


* Sexual appetite increased by every attempt to satisfy it until it drives him to masturbation and madness. —– Anan.

* A remedy for taking away the habit of masturbation and removing its bad effects. Penis glans get flabby. Penis relaxed. —– Calad.

* Weakness of the organ after masturbation and excesses. Even his young and beautiful wife excites no erections. —– Agn-c.

* Desire for solitude in order to practice masturbation. —– Bufo.

* Excitement of sexual desire for masturbation, with lascivious ideas, day and night. —– Chin.

* Increase of sexual desire, lascivious ; exposes his person, with desire for masturbation. —– Hyos.

* Masturbation and its consequences. —– Nux-v.

* Great sexual excitement driving him to masturbation. —– Orig.

* Unnatural increase of sexual desire for masturbation, with mental depression. Masturbation before the age of puberty and its effect. —– Plat.

* A very marked increase of sexual desire, with frequent erections, especially at night, with desire for masturbation. Habit of masturbation in children and for bad effects thereof. —– Staph.

* Irresistible inclination to masturbation even during sleep. —– Thuj.

* Weakness due to masturbation. —– Chin., Ph-ac.

* Bad effect of masturbation. —– Staph.

* Constipation due to masturbation. —– Lyc., Nux-v.

* Dullness of mind due to masturbation. —– Staph.

* Irresistible tendency to masturbation. —– Ust.

* Weakness of legs and impaired memory due to masturbation. —– Dig.

* Weakness of eye sight due to masturbation. —– Cina.

* Melancholy due to masturbation. —– Aur.


Any information given in this Article is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Any person with condition requiring medical attention should consult a well qualified classical homoeopath. In case of treatment, you may please contact the Author of this Article by e-mail for further details.
For detailed information on this subject, please study the Author’s book “Homoeopathic Management of Male Sexual Disorders”, published by B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi (India).


When I was 19 years old I was sent to prison for 10 years and lived there for 8 years. In prison I was exposed to real Muslims for the first time (“real” as in practicing day to day) and converted. In this environment for obvious reasons one could not have sex and only had options to either: a)restrain, b)masturbate, c) engage in absolutely haraam behavior which would deffinately send one to hellfire.

So the issue of relieving sexual desire was constantly argued by all of the brothers in the community. And prison was no different in that there were women around (female guards and administration), dirty magazines, and “he-she’s” (ie homosexuals dressing like women). Most brothers attempted restraint as homosexuality was ABSOLUTELY not tolerated in the Muslim community, so this was not an option. Other brothers used magazines or found girlfriends which was very dangerous as it was against the law, thus these aforementioned were not options for brothers living their deen.

The majority however (90%) were stuck between absolute restraint and masturbation. So and this was a constant topic which was brought up to the volunteer scholars and Imaams that would visit, and the inmate Imaam (elected by our group). Everyone of them recommended the obvious answer which was to practice restraint and fast, however in light of the fact that many brothers were in there for LIFE, or for many many years “fasting” was not much of an option, and so they advised us that

a) Prison was not a natural condition of mankind and thus being an exceptional condition only in the event of preventing haraam would masturbation be allowed, and


b) Even to suppress sexual desire and prevent greater haraam it was still hated by Allah and should be avoided as much as possible, as constant masturbation can become addictive and rather than suppress the sex drive, it can increase the minds desire and imagining of sexual activity.

The problem was essentially the same as yours, to tell brothers masturbation was absolutely haraam was to risk them partaking in other behaviors even more dangerous and even more hated by Allah. Therefore the Imaams, due to experience on a day to day basis with this specific issue explained that masturbation is only allowed in the event that you otherwise will fall into greater haraam.

The reasoning on this is based on the Islaamic principle which scholars have explained as choosing the “lesser of two evils” when forced into a situation where it becomes unavoidable, HOWEVER as the brother stated above, while eating a dead animal is preferable to starving, it is still HATED BY ALLAH.

It is unanimously agreed that masturbation is haraam, as it is considered an un-natural form of sexual expression, in spite of what modern psychologists say. Also the hadeeth has stated that if the body truly needs to relieve itself it will do so in a wet dream which is the bodies natural way of relieving the sexual pressure. Thus masturbation becomes un-necessary and in normal cases discouraged. At the same time we are human and if one is so “uptight” to the point where he/she feels they will go do something haraam only in that case can it be considered permissible as an alternative to falling into greater haraam. This however is dangerous as a long term solution as masturbation while suppressing the immediate desire for release, does nothing for the long term problem of which the urge exists: the desire to procreate.

The last thing I would like to point out  is that regarding “not getting married until you graduate” is a cultural outlook which is un-Islaamic and is placing un-necessary stress on you, and may result in you falling into even greater haraam. Your words themselves are self evident that you forcing you body into an un-natural (prison like) state of abstinence which by your own testimony is extremely difficult. This is evident by the behaviors of the Muslims around you who do not have the same level of Taqwa and simply give in to temptation and start dating, having sex outside of marriage, etc.

If your sexual desire is at this level today then imagine what it will be in two years, when you graduate, and even then you will possibly come up with another excuse ( income, job, career) as to why you are still not ready for marriage. This in itself is un-Islaamic, and even when looked upon with common sense illogical.

These days the Shaytan has people so fixated on wealth, career and success that they would rather turn to haraam, (or as in your case semi-haraam) behavior than to simply submit to what Allah has ordained for them in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. The ruling on your situation is that you should get married, as this was the practice of the Prophet (pbuh) and has not changed in spite of social norms to the contrary. You behavior is arbitrary and not base in Islaam, thus while on one hand you are attempting to be a good Muslim, on the other you are defying the word of Allaah, by attempting to wait until some arbitrary date in the future which you have fixated in you mind.

In the mean time you are suffering and have placed a greater burden upon yourself than Allaah has placed upon you, by making haraam what Allaah has made halaal, and wajeeb. Marriage is obligatory for one who can afford it, and by definition, one who can afford it is does not refer to a college graduate, or a person with a great job, or a person who has the ability to buy a $100,000 home with a mercedez in front, but rather one who has some type of gainful employment and finds a sister willing to accept him at his level of economic status.

These days families and individuals are in fact following the culture of the West and un-Islaamic ideas implanted in their minds not by Allaah but by the Shaytan, forcing themselves and their children in to huge haraam, fornication, adultery, dating, and yes…. years of masturbation. Just to avoid what Allah has made obligatory, and natural.

Therefore your problem is not so much your sex drive (which Allaah made in you) but your abnormal and excessive attempts to evade the purpose for which Allaah has made you… to have children. You should really reflect on your attitude towards marriage and ask yourself if you are doing what Allaah has ordained or if you are chasing an ideal foreign and therefore un-Islaamic, and therefore haraam in and of itself. If you spend the next three years masturbating it is not because Allaah has put an undue burden upon you but rather because you have forced yourself into a psychological corner which if you persist may lead to hellfire.

A better solution is rather than force yourself to deny your reality, consider how you could get married sooner, discuss your options with the local Imaam, you parents and make du’a asking Allaah to guide you in this matter. Once you open yourself up to options and get over this artificial attitude of seeking the things of this world, then your psychological condition may not be so desperate as subconsciously you will not be telling yourself that you will be masturbating for the next three or four years and therefore it is ok. Unless you are in prison, (which you are not) its not ok, and in fact seeking to justify it by find a ruling that will make you feel better is in itself evidence that you know in your heart it is wrong, in light of the fact that you do have options: ie. marriage.

Always remember that anything we hide from others is probably haraam, as our heart and conscience is our greatest guide. Allaahs Messenger is quoted as once saying ” if you feel no shame then continue”, and most certainly you would not tell your parents about this condition, therefore in your heart you know that the answer is not in the short term solution, but in the long term solution to which you are afraid to consider. May Allaah reward you for your intention and guide you in your efforts to seek his pleasure, and make you way easier for you!

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