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Modesty is a beautiful quality 

Last night at the mall as I was standing in a que to pay for my take out, I heard a roar of laughter from a group of girls standing at the nearby eating area. I turned around and a group of young ladies were trying to get the attention of a group of boys that were seated not too far from them by literally standing right over their table and giggling loudly while taking selfies. I would have never guessed or judged their laughter or intention until a young man who was seated at the table became visibly disturbed and annoyed by their loud behaviour so he stood up and politely asked the group of girls to, ‘please be seated at your table as we are trying to enjoy our dinner’.

This small incident saddened me as it is so unfortunate that our beautiful young sisters are being negatively influenced by the media, social media, magazines, websites and society by placing the utmost importance on appearances, selfies, attraction and exposing yourself as well as your body to the world. Oh young muslimahs always remember that modesty is a branch of your imaan.

You do not need to attract attention to yourself by behaving loudly or applying a mask of make up just to get that picture perfect selfie. You do not need to feel accepted or pressured by your friends if it means stripping yourself off your dignity and self respect. You do not have to fit into the ugly moulds that society carved inorder to feel validated. You do not have to shackle your soul in the name of freedom. You do not have to act like a picture perfect brainless mannequin inorder to gain attention from the popular guys.

Remember your akhlaaq, your character, your respect, your intelligence, your modesty, your honesty, your courage, your honour, your principles, your values, your morality and your imaan are linked so rather commit and stress over improving your inner beauty as that will illuminate your life in this world and the hereafter Ameen. Always remember modesty is the most beautiful quality in a woman.

When the day arrives and Allah unites you with the one that he has created for you in the beautiful bond of nikkah may you both be united with happiness, joy, love, barakaah, peace and purity of the heart, body, mind and soul.Ameen

Dear parents: Build a strong sense of self esteem, self respect, appreciate and validate your children so much that they do not have to seek this type of validation from the outside world.

Written by N Chhipa

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