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Natural Instinct of Modesty Eroded

Say: (O Muhammad) My Lord has certainly forbidden the Fawaahish(evil and shameful deeds) whether committed openly or secretly, sins(of every type), unjustified oppression, joining partners(in worship) with Allah for which He has given no authority, and saying things about Allah of which you have no knowledge.”(Quran-ch.7; 33)

In the pre-Islamic era the Arab tribes of Makkah had deviated so far from the earlier revealed scriptures that they were performing Hajj rites naked. Their reasoning was that they could not perform sacred rites in the same clothing with which they committed sins. So Allah revealed this verse:

“O Children of Adam! Take your adornment(clean clothing) while praying…” (Quran-Ch.7;31)

Thus the above Quraanic verses 31 to 33 of chapter 7 were revealed to correct this immodest practice which was associated with the Hajj rites of worship.

Today the modern-day Firouns(Pharoahs) based in London and New York have promoted a NWO(New World Order) whereby the natural instinct of shame and modesty has become another casualty together with TRUTH. They believe they can exercise greater control over the general public if the people can be kept diverted and engrossed with pursuing their Shahawaat(base desires and passions). If the general public were allowed to focus on greater issues and more important challenges, the plans of the Financial Elite for Global Domination would fall under the scrutiny. In line with this diversion tactic, we find the educational systems generally have fallen to appalling levels in order to dumb down the population and indoctrinate us so that we become willing slaves to the false earthly gods promoting the NWO. Furthermore the mainstream Corporate Media, which serves as the main access to information, constantly mixes up Truth with Falsehood so as to confuse the public and thereby deceive them.

“ O People of the Scripture! Why do you mix up Truth with Falsehood and conceal the Truth while you know?”(Quran:Ch.3; 71)

Added to that, spectator sport is promoted as an alternative opium for a largely God-Unconscious people.

The cult-like following of sports has led to captivated audiences in stadiums which serve as substitutes for churches and mosques. Not enjoying a true abiding link with their Creator, man today has become drowned in the hedonistic culture of worshipping the Flesh.

The eye of modesty is assaulted with the proud parade of naked mothers of society while they enjoy being gazed upon by hungry wolves. The Gay parades are openly rebelling against God Almighty and demanding their rights to stoop lower than animals.

“Most certainly have We created man in the best of moulds, then we reduce him to the lowest of the low.”(Quran-Ch.95;4-5)

More recently an awareness campaign for Prostate Cancer involved thousands of men running in the streets of Johannesburg in their undies while the media covered the event with this headline: “Letting it all hang out”.

Common decency, modesty and bashfulness is an unknown word among the so-called liberated, sophisticated modern man.If man has become largely godless or unconscious of the Rights of God, then losing his/her modesty is not considered a loss. Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) is reported to have said:

“When your modesty(shame) departs, then (you might as well) do what you wish.”

Every vested group today demands recognition of their respective rights. Does Allah Almighty not have any rights over us? He expects us to conduct ourselves with befitting dignity and respect since He has given us the highest position among all His creation. The Glorious Quran states:

“Most certainly have We granted honor to the children of Adam.”(Quran-Ch.17-70)

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