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Muslim Cooking Book ( Bookshop )


(Quick and Simple recipes)


In today’s jet-set life style there is little time available to women, for preparing elaborate meals. They are always on the look-out for recipes which aid fast cooking. Hence, simple dishes, which at the same time taste good, are the order of the day.

The author whilst presenting this humble book, by combining eastern and western recipes, has tried to make this book and cooking, interesting and as easy as possible moreover presents a lot of varieties in meat dishes and desserts, there is also a selection of extremely quick recipes for those occasions when time is really at premium.


This book will also help beginners to get interested in cooking.


The recipes in this book will definitely save a lot of your precious time and yet enable you to serve your family and friends gourmet meals.


This 150 page soft cover book is available from our bookshop at R50.00 or for R60.00 incl postage (domestic). Kindly contact Molana Mehtar on 031 2077 099 or email bookshop@jamiat.org.za for orders.

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