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Moulana Yunus Patel rahmatullahi alaih mentioned :

A sister wrote a letter to him stating,

‘As much as we wait for weddings in the family, the problems that come with them far supersede the true joy that should be experienced at the time of a wedding. So when my first cousin got engaged, the decision to make it a wedding to remember brought on the same financial, social and other burdens, which weddings, that are held to keep up a high standard, bring. …There was plenty of expenditure. A lot of cost was incurred.

Since I have a little Deeni knowledge, Allah Ta’ala gave me the ability to understand that if I attend a wedding of this nature, then despite everything, I am also part and parcel of all the sins that will take place and that I am no exception. I realised it was necessary that I adamantly refuse to attend. Even though I initially did, I was pressurised and told by my mother that I will have to attend. …We were not so green as to not know what to expect at the wedding, but there was justification that it was family, etc. When the day that brought so much of strain finally arrived, everyone got ready enthusiastically. I felt only slight guilt knowing that I had to go as well. …Not only did the music, cameras, intermingling of men and women and scantily dressed women make it an environment of multiple sins and increased immorality, but the organisers went out of their way to make sure that the whole procession ran in a style that was typically like a Christian wedding, but far more lavish, extravagant and extreme. Although I kept away from the crowd and I kept my Niqaab on the entire time, I kept thinking: I am as answerable to Allah Ta’ala, just as the bride and groom are – for all the grave and major sins that are taking place today. The Walimah was also held in a hall and was no better. …The couple were married, the wedding was over, but what created sadness and increased my regret, were the speeches that were given at the Walimah. …

The name of Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul were taken in the midst of so much of disobedience, without any fear. Though the Qur’aan Shareef was recited and quoted extensively in those speeches, the Qur’aan Shareef was not given much respect. Before the Hafez, who had recited verses of the Qur’aan Shareef, could fully walk away from the stage, after his recitation, it was replaced with music, without any delay. Eventually the wrong that we justify is soon forgotten and after a week or two, I too had forgotten the whole wedding. Then I had a dream, which is as follows; I was at a function attended by the same type of people at the wedding and Walimah that I had gone to. The crowd was huge and the atmosphere and dress was the same like that of the wedding. It was day, but this time the function was taking place outside. People surrounded the area where the function was to be held. Then, from the sky, something was falling. It was a body. I was aware of what was happening so I started moving towards the back of the crowd. When the body, which was falling horizontally, was close and the people were ready to receive it, the gathering went hysterical since the body was about to hit the ground. The gathering went hysterical with fright. They began screaming. They were shocked that the people, who had invited them, had planned something so sick for them. They were in a state of panic and fear. When I was almost at the back of the crowd, the body hit the ground. Such was the impact, that the blood and the pus from that body hit every single person in that huge crowd. Not one person was spared. Some of that blood and pus splattered on my face. Although I remained calm, the crowd was hysterical with fright and panic. Kindly interpret this dream, ‘

Moulana Yunus Patel replied, ‘What other interpretation is there? The dream is a clear indication that in the sight of Allah Ta’ala that Nikah was like a dead body. In the hall, amid all those sins, the Qur’aan Shareef was recited, the name of Allah Ta’ala was taken, Islam’s name was taken. In those speeches, it was also emphasised that Nikah is a Sunnah of Rasulullah but immediately thereafter, there followed everything that was in complete conflict with the Qur’aan Shareef and Sunnah. So in the sight of Allah Ta’ala that was already a dead body. There was no life; there was no soul, no spirit! There was no Rooh in that Nikah. …And the wrath of Allah Ta’ala was descending upon all of those people who attended and participated… every single one of them.

Each and every one in that crowd, whether she was in Hijaab/Niqaab or not, whether she was a Deendaar girl or not, whether the person was a pious person or not a pious person …each and every single person that was present was hit with this filth and with the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. Each and every one was struck with Allah Ta’ala’s anger, although they may not have realised it. The entire event was just filthy in the sight of Allah Ta’ala… like how a body becomes blown up and filled with pus, matter and blood. When there is an eruption in that body and that filth is flung out, then how dirty and terrible it is, and what a stink and stench it gives off!

If there had been a person with a heart, at that occasion, in that gathering, he would have sensed the darkness; he would have sensed the filth and the stench, and he would have left the place immediately.
Dogs have hearts; cats have hearts; monkeys have hearts … but no one will call animals, “Ahle Dil”.
Ahle Dil are those whose hearts are connected to Allah Ta’ala. Although the Kuffaar and Mushrikeen have hearts, they are not Ahle Dil. The only people who are considered ‘people of heart’ are those who have a connection with Allah Ta’ala. If there is no Nisbat (connection) with Allah Ta’ala, the heart is not worth being called a heart. When a person has this Nisbat with Allah Ta’ala, the person will not deliberately place himself in a venue of vice and immorality…

A lesson we are forgetting and need to refresh ourselves in.

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