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Nikaah – Marriages

MaRrIagEs breAK

Many marriages break due to mismanagement of time. Wasting time with friends till late at night is wrong.Wasting time on your mobile device or internet surfing or chatting with others whilst your spouse or family members await you, is wrong. Many social networking sites are very addictive, with people interacting at times with those they do not know or who do not mean as much as their immediate families. The urge to keep refreshing social applications, checking on messages or remaining online waiting for people to appear is a disease that overtakes some. Failure to realize that your friends are “second class” and rank only after your spouse and children can be classed as immaturity. Not spending quality time with one’s spouse & children can have the most disastrous effects within our homes. Be self-disciplined and learn to prioritize correctly in life and you will find problems minimize or even disappear by the Help of the Almighty.

No marriage is perfect

No marriage is perfect, ever. There are always some ways you have to bend, to compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater. The love we have for each other is bigger than these small differences. And that’s the key. It’s like a big pie chart, and the love in a marriage has to be the biggest piece. Love can make up for a lot.
Sometimes sacrifices need to be made to make the relationship stronger but always remember to appreciate your spouse. Show him/her you care, pamper him/her and love him/her like you did when you first fell in love with him/her!!!!


If a person cheats on their spouse, they would probably one day cheat on the one they cheated on their spouse with!

So as much as we should not cheat on our spouses, we should never trust those who have got to us through cheating on their spouses no matter how much they promise. The same promises were made to others before us.

Never break a home to make a home as your shall be broken one day by another wanting to make it.

Be pure, be honest, be clean, be content, be responsible, be transparent and enjoy a stress free life.

LatEst MOdEL

Buy the best & latest mobile, laptop, gadget or vehicle of your own choice! It remains the best & latest for you until you come across a later model!

Suddenly your heart begins to silently or violently demand the newer one, yet yours always served your purpose.

Had you never seen the later one, yours would have always been the latest & best!

Moral is never allow yourself to run behind the world because there is no end to it!

Lower your gaze & be satisfied with what is yours – esp in marriage

A good marital relationship

A good marital relationship is not just holding hands while you understand each other. It is also having lots of misunderstandings and still not leaving each other’s hands.

Therefore, it is time that we all start to realize that marriage is not only about how madly in love you are through the good times, but how strongly committed you are through the bad ones.

True Love in Marriage

REWARD FOR SHOWING LOVE: Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “one would be rewarded for anything that he does seeking the pleasure of Allah even the food that he puts in the mouth of his wife”.

Never underestimate the seemingly little things as putting food in your wife’s mouth, opening the car door for her, etc. The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) used to extend his knee to his wife to help her up to ride the camel.

TILL DEATH AND BEYOND: It is not enough to love your wife. You have to love what she loves as well. Her family, her loved ones must also become your loved ones. Love for the wife should never end. We believe in life after death where does who did good in the world will be joined with their spouses. (Surah Al Zukhruf 43:70)

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)’s love for Khadijah (radhiallahu amha), his wife of 25 years, extended to include all those she loved and continued even after her passing away. It was many years after her passing away and he never forgot her and whenever a goat was slaughtered in his house he would send portions to Khadijah (radhiallahu anha)’ family and friends.

Marriage: A Holy Bond of Love
Someone once said that marriage is like a bath-tub full of water; it starts out hot and enjoyable and ends up cold and miserable. Islam advocates excellent character in all aspects of life, marriage included. If we follow even some of the guidelines laid down by our Holy Prophet (sallallahu alahi wa sallam), marital bliss will become a reality and the bath-tub story can become redundant

The Prophet (sallallahu alahi wa sallam) said that among the most perfect Believers are those who are best in character and kindness to their wives. There exists a disturbing trend in the Muslim community where wives are abused and generally ill-treated by their husbands. Is this Islamic? Marriage ought to be a bond of holy love between spouses. Apparently mundane acts like lifting a morsel of food to the wife’s mouth have been given the significance of acts of worship.

It was part of the noble character of the Prophet (sallallahu alahi wa sallam) to engage in light-hearted talk with his wives. He once told Hazrat Aisha (radhiallahu anha) a story about eleven women who were speaking about their husbands. When he concluded, he said to her that, “I am to you like Abu Zara’ was to Umme Zara’.” Umme Zara’ had been treated with great love by her husband Abu Zara’ and she praised him even after he divorced her. The Prophet (sallallahu alahi wa sallam) is reported to have added, “Except that he (Abu Zara’) had divorced her but I will not divorce you.”

A man is rewarded for even a drink of water he presents to his wife. The mercy of Allah Ta’ala cascades on a couple when the husband looks at his wife with love and pleasure and she returns it. When he holds her hand with love their sins fall from the gaps between their clasped fingers. Hazrat Abu Huraira (radhiallahu anh) said, “Allah loves a man who caresses his wife. Both of them are rewarded because of this loving attitude and their earning is increased”.

This holy bond of love which a husband is obliged to foster does not permit a pious husband to howl and scowl at his wife. He should engender pleasantness in the home, thus inviting Allah Ta’ala’s mercy.

The recipe for a happy marriage is contained in the Qur’aan and blessed Sayings of the Prophet (sallallahu alahi wa sallam). Who is there to take it and try it out?


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