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“O Husbands”



Respected Brother’s in Islam. Allah has honoured you with the responsibility of being guardians over your wives, and garments for them. It is your duty to protect them from all sorts of harm especially from the outside world.

A woman is a delicate creation, she looks for comfort in the arms of her husband. Not for a beating from the very person who is supposed to be protecting her.

Your wife has left her entire family,her hometown, her friends & her life behind to create a new life with you!
She has left her family to give you a family of your own.

She goes through all types of difficulties to give you the title and pride of being a father.
Do not ever harm this woman, no matter what wrong she has done to you.
If you have fear in Allah you will deal with her in the most gentle way.

Forgive her time and time again, and each time she errs, remember your faults.
Remember if you are lenient, and kind to others, Allah will be lenient to you in His judgement.

Hazrat Hakim bin Mu’awiya رَضِيَ الّلهُ تَعَالي عَنْهُ narrated from his father that he asked Nabi صَلَّي الّلهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ سَلَّمْ
About the rights of wives against their husbands. He replied:“ when you eat, feed her as well, when you clothe yourself, clothe her as well. Don’t hit her on the face, don’t curse her, and don’t ever severe relationships with her except within the house.”
[Abu Dawood]

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zam’a رَضِيَ الّلهُ تَعَالي عَنْهُ narrated that Nabi صَلَّي الّلهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ سَلَّمْ
Said:“ none of you should beat his wife as though he is beating his slave, then at the end of the day he has intercourse with her.” [Bukhari,Muslim, Tirmidhi]

Ali ibn Abu Talib reported: The wife of Al-Waleed ibn Uqbah came to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and she complained to him saying, “O Messenger of Allah! Indeed, Al-Waleed has beaten me!” The Prophet said, “Say to him: he has protected me.” She did not stay but for a while until she returned and she said, “He did not give me anything except more beatings!” The Prophet tore a piece of cloth from his shirt and he said, “Say to him: Verily, the Messenger of Allah has given me protection.” She did not stay but for a while until she returned and she said, “He did not give me anything except more beatings!” The Prophet raised his hands and he said, “O Allah, you must deal with Al-Waleed for he has sinned against me twice.”
[Musnad Ahmad]

“Treat your wife the way you would want your daughters to be treated”

My brother’s, think for a second. If a man exactly like you were to come to propose to your daughter, would you give him her hand in marriage?

Dare not strike a queen of Jannah




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