In an effort to locate and assist our underprivileged communities, the Jamiat KZN PROJECT H.E.L.P. team discovered the rural community of Amaoti, which is one of the largest and poorest rural informal settlements located in Inanda. This is an area in which poverty levels and crime rates are extremely high, the infrastructure and sanitation levels are of a very poor standard, and the community has little access to health services.





The PROJECT H.E.L.P. team assisted the community at the Entokozweni Community Care & Welfare Centre, which serves the needs of the elderly, orphans, vulnerable children as well as the community. The Entokozweni Community Care & Welfare village provides support to:


  •            12 children affected by the HIV pandemic who reside at the centre
  •            45 children attending their after-school programme from the Zwakhele Primary
  •            300 elderly members from the Amaoti community
  •            30 youth through skills development programmes
  •            34 elderly assisted-living residents staying at the centre.



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 Alhamdulillah, on Thursday December 1st, the PROJECT H.E.L.P. team provided hot meals at the centre to over 200 people: 150 children and 50 community elders. Chilled bottled spring water was served together with the meals. For most of the children, this was probably the best and most nutritious meal they have had for a long time.  All of the children were from the Zwakhele Primary school. In addition to the feeding, the team also handed the children a gift pack which comprised of sweets, chips, and chocolates. This was the highlight of the day for them.




To many of us who can easily afford these simple items and buy them for our children whenever they want, may seem trivial. But to those small children who have to suffice with a basic single meal day in and day out, just to have the taste of a few sweets brought them such unexplainable joy and happiness.


Feeding the poor in Islam indeed holds great virtue and witnessing the joy on the children’s faces was satisfying for us just as much as it was for them together with being spiritually uplifting for the entire team as well.



Having witnessed first-hand the dire need of the community, the PROJECT H.E.L.P. team will be assisting the Amaoti community further with food hampers, which will be distributed on Thursday December 15th. If you wish to volunteer your assistance, kindly contact our office.


May Allah Ta’ala use our humble efforts as a means of attracting them towards Imaan and Islam. May He accept the contributions of our donors and the efforts of all involved, Aameen.


For donations towards future PROJECT H.E.L.P. local outreach efforts, kindly deposit funds into the following bank account:

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

FNB Umgeni Junction (200913)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828

Reference: Project HELP/Name


Lillah or Sadaqah ONLY! Strictly NO ZAKAAT!


Jazakallah Khair


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